Newton Poll - 11/21/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please keep your comments brief.

"Every week there's another article in the paper about furloughing teachers. So exactly how are the leaders of tomorrow supposed to be taught? At private schools, I guess. Let's hear about some furloughs at the food stamp office and see if that isn't a 'stimulus' to the economy."

"I want to thank my children's teachers at Clements Theme School for all of their hard work, dedication, and true love of the students. My child is being challenged academically and enjoys going to school every day. It helps tremendously to raise these children into wonderful young people when you have caring teachers who greet them every morning with a smile. Thank you."

"I wanted to respond to the citizen who wrote about the city needing to hire a code enforcement officer. They did hire a code enforcement officer back a few months ago .... There are many problems in the city, not just high grass. We have many houses that are falling down, but nothing is being done. ... "

"As the holidays near, I decided to tackle a small home improvement project. I had a cabinet and some broken Sheetrock to throw away. Even though I pay for a weekly trash service, I wanted to get rid of this on Saturday. I headed over to the Oak Hill recycling center ... The ruler of the recycler demanded that I leave because I had overloaded my truck. Arranged differently in the truck, the materials would have been below the bed rail of the truck, but he wouldn't even look at it. I explained that as a taxpayer in this county for over 16 years, this afforded me the right to place this in the Dumpster. He had another neighbor held up because she had her trash on a small trailer being pulled by a van. (The rails were only one foot high). He deemed she was overloaded as well. I understand his job is to manage the recycling center but use a little common sense and courtesy. No one was there to misuse the center, we just wanted to unload our trash. Isn't that what the recycling center is for? We left Oak Hill and went over to McGiboney Road where we were greeted with a smile and wave. We unloaded our trash and went about our day."

"There are a lot of rumors going around Fairview Estates concerning the park. I have heard that the HOA will be responsible to maintain the park. People are being promised jobs by the company that the county as hired. Nancy, this is your district and you need to make sure the people who have voted you in have enough information about this park. Once the county purchases the foreclosed properties, will the HOA be turned over to the community? Inquiring minds want to know."

Editor's note: The park will be maintained by the Newton County Recreation Commission, according to county officials. IECDG, the non-profit organization administering the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, has promised to assist residents in forming a homeowner's association.

"I just wanted to say I'm looking forward to 'shopping local' this year after receiving the 2009 Downtown Covington Holiday Catalog. I haven't really thought about it in the past but why not support local businesses to keep my hard-earned money supporting local small businesses."

"Those big yellow boxes you see going down the road all hours of the day are school buses, and they are there for a reason. They perform two important functions. They are carrying the future of our nation to hopefully be educated by teachers that have the highest of standards. Later in the day thy are taking them home to what I would hope are caring parents set on raising them to be future that we are dependent on. My wife is a bus driver for Newton County. She loves the children that ride her bus and they love her in return. The problem that arises is the all of the inconsiderate drivers that pull out in front of the bus along with the idiots with a total lack of respect that pass the bus while it's loading and unloading. These buses aren't sports car and don't have the best acceleration, but at the same time they won't stop on a dime. You surely can't feel that you are better that this load of kids that you don't need to wait for it to get by or that you feel the need to pass while stopped."

"My comment this week is the use of Airport Road. I am a resident that lives on Airport Road and on three occasions this past year movie filming has taken place on this road and has closed this road at times for more than one day. I use this road to go to work and to go to town to do my shopping. From my house to my job it is only about six minutes away and about 10 minutes to do all my shopping. When the movie crews are here filming it is very inconvenient for me. It takes more time and more money in gas to do my shopping. Over the past week the city of Covington has done a lot of improvements on the expansion of the Covington Airport which has resulted in large tanker trucks and large dump trucks using this road to bring the equipment in. The results from that is the destruction of the road. The road was built several years ago from a dirt road with tar and gravel. It was never made to handle the weight that they are putting on it. I would like to know when Newton County is going to improve this road by resurfacing it. I can't afford a new car, so I am trying to keep my old car running. The potholes have gotten so bad that I am wondering how long it is going to last. I would like to know if there are more citizens out here in Newton County who would like to see this road improved."

"For the past several years Chamber presidents and others have asked the city and the county to increase the budget for economic development. The increases have been slight and appear to still only represent 20 percent of the Chamber's annual budget. The Chamber represents not only existing businesses, but also the key to new businesses and economic development, both of which represent a community's prosperity. Now, we get those who agree these budgets need to be much higher to stay competitive and what happens -- the city and county want to micromanage. The Chamber is not a political machine and serves the entire business community. Being accountable is one thing, having the politicians become managers is yet another. They tried it, without the dollar increase, and what happened? Our local and statewide competition made past and current investments in preparation for slowing times and are winning the few projects 'looking for a home.' I truly doubt that any qualified person will come into this job and want to have political bosses without the ability to do their job ... I would encourage the search committee to not be swayed by the local politicians. Yes, this county has been behind in funding economic development and we are paying the price. Let's not continue on this trend. ... "