Police arrest couple after domestic incident

COVINGTON -- Covington Police arrested a man for allegedly threatening his wife with a knife and later arrested her for allegedly hiding the knife, according to a Covington Police Department incident report.

The report states that officers were called to 3143 West St. and were told that "the husband (Michael Davis) had a knife and was threatening to kill his wife (Paula Davis). Just prior to arrival, dispatch advised that her husband had put the knife back in the drawer."

Officers arrived at the scene to find both the man and woman on the front porch of the home.

In speaking with the husband, the report states he told officers "he was asleep in bed when he and Mrs. Davis began to argue over him taking items from the house. Mr. Davis stated that he had been out most of the night smoking crack and he thinks that was why she was upset."

Paula Davis told officers she was not mad about her husband smoking crack, but she was mad because "he keeps taking items from the house. (She) said (he) grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and stated he was going to kill her. Mrs. Davis stated to her husband, 'Go ahead and kill me like Ricky did!' Mrs. Davis stated that as she was on the phone with dispatch, her husband put the knife up."

One officer asked Paula Davis to show him the knife and reported that she took him into the kitchen, "opened a drawer under the coffee pot and pointed at a large knife with a brown wooden handle." The report states the officer took the knife out of the drawer and placed in on the counter.

Meanwhile, Michael Davis was being placed under arrest by a second officer and charged with terroristic threats and acts and cruelty to children, as the couple's 3-year-old daughter was in the house at the time of the argument.

The officer who spoke with the wife and located the knife, went to speak with the officer who was dealing with Michael Davis, asking him if he needed him to secure the knife as evidence. The officer said to please do that, but when the first officer went back into the kitchen, the knife had disappeared.

Paula Davis was asked where the knife was and she denied moving it, the report states. It was shortly located in a pot of soapy water in the sink "next to the coffee pot."

According to the report, Paula Davis told officers again she did not remember going into the kitchen and moving the knife. She was then arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and cruelty to children.