Scholarships: Seniors offered $16M

COVINGTON - The Newton County School System has announced that this school year's graduating seniors have received more than $16 million in scholarship offers to date. Additionally, the students have accepted more than $5 million in scholarships.

These totals do not include the HOPE Scholarship, but do include all other types of scholarships, such as academic, athletic, military, merit-based and local offers.

The students were recognized at their Honors Night programs at their high schools during the month of May.

Alcovy High School's offers total $2,148,543, Eastside High School's total $8,375,800 and Newton High School's total $5,704,824 - for a grand total of $16,229,167.

"We are pleased that our high school seniors' achievements have been recognized through the offering of more than $16 million in scholarships from institutions of higher education and the military," said Dr. Steven Whatley, superintendent of NCSS, in a prepared statement. "Especially, we are grateful for the support of our community; our businesses, industrial and civic groups working to contribute more than $325,000 in scholarships. The scope of these awards reflects the capability of our students in competing academically with seniors across the country."

This total is up from last year's sum of nearly $7 million at this time, and more offers may come in over the summer to count toward these totals.

Alcovy High School

So far, Alcovy's class of 2009 has accepted $1,978,343 out of more than $2 million in scholarship offers.

The offers were presented to 50 out of about 300 seniors. Eighteen colleges and universities from nine states contributed to the amounts.

Scholarships include offers from such colleges and organizations as the U.S. Army, Marines and National Guard, Georgia Military College, Mercer University, Georgia Southern University, Morehouse College and the University of Alabama, and such local groups as the Covington Pilot Club, Newton Medical Center, Covington Junior Women's Club, Snapping Shoals EMC, Newton County Homebuilders and the Kiwanis and Elks clubs, among others.

Students who were offered three or more scholarships include Tequilla Gray, valedictorian Kimberly Rary and salutatorian Mary Wright.

To date, senior Russell Oliveri, a Top 10 student, received the highest amount of offers at Alcovy - more than $150,000. In the fall, he plans to attend either St. Mary's University or Southern Polytechnic State University.

The school held its Honor Night on May 7.

Eastside High School

As of this week, Eastside's 2009 graduates have accepted $4,377,651 out of more than $8 million in scholarship offers, the largest amount in the county.

Fifty-eight colleges and universities from 16 different states presented offers to 66 out of 282 seniors.

Colleges and organizations that offered Eastside students scholarships include Furman University, Yale University, Princeton University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford College of Emory University and other local, regional and national organizations and institutions.

Nineteen EHS students were offered three or more scholarships. They are Kevyn Agudo, Anderico Bailey, Natalia Barreto, Mollie Cronan, Pearson Cunningham, Michael Green, Joel Griswell, Courtney Jackson, James Johnson, Evan Jones, Kayla Jones, Jowanna Malone, Caroline Meadors, Aaron Ogletree, Meghann Timmins, Ariel VanLeuven, Karl Williams, Justin Wray and Leaha Wynn.

So far, senior Kevyn Agudo has received the largest total of offers at Eastside - more than $1 million. He accepted a scholarship to Furman University.

The school held its Honor Night on May 19.

Newton High School

Newton High School has not announced the amount of scholarship offers that its graduating class have accepted, but more than $5.7 million in offers were presented to 52 out of 354 graduates in the form of 115 scholarships.

Colleges and organizations that offered NHS students scholarships this year include Savannah State University, General Mills, Mercer University, Georgia Perimeter College, Alabama A&M University, Tennessee State University, Boston University, Southern Heartland Arts Inc., Rotary Club, The Citadel and Auburn University, among others across the nation.

Andrew Kabue, a Top 10 student, has the highest scholarship total to date at Newton - $971,944 in offers. He plans to attend Washington University in St. Louis in the fall.

The school held its Honor Night on May 4.

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