SWAT team called to help arrest man seen with shotgun

COVINGTON - The Covington-Newton County SWAT team was called into service Thursday afternoon after deputies made contact with a suspect who was seen with a shotgun minutes before they arrived, according to Newton County Sheriff's Office's Lt. Mark Mitchell.

Ryan Peters-Horn, 18, of Covington was arrested and charged with two counts of obstruction of a law enforcement officer, in addition to an outstanding warrant for robbery by intimidation.

Mitchell said the SWAT team was called to 210 Hunter's Trace, off Campbell Road, around 1:30 p.m. after deputies were unable to get the suspect to open the door and knew him to be inside.

"He actually had obstructed a deputy last night," Mitchell said. "We had gotten a call on a suspicious person and when the deputy made contact with him, he fled on foot and got away from him."

Mitchell said when Peters-Horn fled, he left several articles behind, including a loaded weapon.

Deputies knew Peters-Horn was a frequent visitor at the home where they found him Thursday afternoon and were told by witnesses he had been outside the home minutes before with a shotgun.

"When law enforcement pulled up, he went inside and locked himself in the house," Mitchell said. "SWAT was called out at that time."

Mitchell said the SWAT team made entry and found Peters-Horn hiding in the attic.

"He was arrested without incident," Mitchell said.