Newton mentors honored

Special Photo: Toni Keith

A reception was held recently at the Newton County Board of Education office to honor participants in the Newton Mentoring Program. Pictured along with Executive Director Margaret Washington, second from left, are Board of Directors members Judge Horace Johnson; Laura Bertram, executive director, The Newton County Community Partnership; and Dr. Adria Griffin, director of middle school curriculum. Not pictured is Chairman of the Board John Boothby, also president of the Covington/Newton County Chamber of Commerce. The Newton Mentoring Program was developed to provide individual support for public school students in grades K-12 by recruiting and training adult mentors. The mentors learn strategies that help them address the needs of their mentees in personal as well as academic areas. The purpose of the reception was to recognize about 65 volunteer mentors and their mentees. Washington said the program is in need of more mentors, especially men. For more information, call 678-381-7948 or visit www.newtonmentoring.org.