On the Beat: Man steals Slim Jims from Home Depot

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Leisurely shoplifting

The Conyers Police Department was notified by a loss prevention officer at The Home Depot that he had observed a man pushing a shopping cart containing merchandise walk past the front checkout lanes and pocket a package of Slim Jims. The officer saw the man go to the carpet aisle where he removed the Slim Jims from the package and placed them in his cargo pants. He next picked up a package of Gorilla glue, removed the wrapping from it and placed it in his pants pocket.

His next stop was the garden center where he meticulously used a razor (also stolen) to change UPC numbers on two sprayers and next selected two bottles of Roundup weed killer, which he concealed in his cargo pants. On the way out of the store, he picked up a pair of Husky pliers that he also placed in his voluminous pants pocket.

He then exited the store, telling a cashier he'd be back to pay for the items in his cart. He went to jail instead. Apparently his effort at changing the UPC codes on the sprayers was for naught.

· A man was observed entering the Kroger store in Newton Plaza with an empty backpack. He was then observed exiting the store with a full backpack, and the CPD was notified. Officers located the man who ran from them. They shouted for him to stop and drop the bag. He did, and when the bag dropped, officers reported hearing the sound of glass breaking. Inside they discovered three broken bottles of Arbor Mist wine valued at $25.77. The man was arrested.

Rent increase?

A man notified the Covington Police Department that his Oldsmobile had been vandalized and he thought he knew who did it and when. He said he went on May 1 to a house he rents out and asked the tenant for the rent payment. The car, which he stored at the rental property, was fine at that time.

Later that evening, a relative of his told him that he was at a church located near the rental house and during services, the congregation heard the tenant yelling and glass breaking. "It was so loud that church was stopped and several members walked outside to see what was going on," he told officers.

All four windows and the windshield were broken out of the vehicle.

Couldn't miss

A man driving a Toyota truck ran into a school bus loaded with special needs children and left the scene. The children and adults on the bus were fine, and the CPD located the driver a short time later. Officers immediately ascertained he was under the influence of alcohol and, according to the incident report, he admitted he had consumed a half bottle of "unknown liquor that was still in his truck and prior to that he had been drinking Evan Williams whiskey all day."

The officer asked the driver if, due to his condition, he thought he was unsafe to drive and he admitted he was. "Yeah, I couldn't miss a bus," he quipped.

Missing wardrobe

A woman called the CPD to report that her clothing had been stolen from her home. Missing were five tank tops (black, blue, light pink, dark pink and orange/white) and five pairs of blue jean shorts (two light blue, one purple, one sky blue and one orange/white). The entire wardrobe was valued at $100.

Yard theft

A woman notified the CPD that someone she knew had stolen items from her yard. She listed $1,000 worth of green river granite stone, a glider rocker valued at $250, a wrought iron couch worth $150 and a bird house valued at $80.

DUI cop

A Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy stopped a suspected drunk driver who was driving without headlights. The deputy asked him where he was coming from and he said he wasn't sure, but he was able to repeatedly tell the deputy that he was "an officer from New York City." It seems he was a security guard at a hospital there.

No wheels, man

A man reported his 2007 Ford F-150 pickup was parked in the carport at his girlfriend's house about 8 p.m. He awoke about 3:30 a.m. to find that someone had removed his four 20-inch Harley Davidson chrome wheels and tires. He said the loss was approximately $3,700.


A man checked on an empty house in an upscale neighborhood to find that someone had damaged the residence by tossing matches on the carpet and he found "bike tire marks" and "basketball markings" on the walls. Also, a plastic hair pick had been melted and the residue thrown in the bath tub and on the bathroom floor. The responding NCSO deputy found several motorcycle tire marks on the driveway, as well. No suspects were located.