Mullins Letter - 05/13/09

In addition to concerns about the security of our nation are the fiscal concerns. The thinking, or maybe it is the scheming, of the president and his financial advisors is puzzling. It is hard to determine whether they use the dartboard approach, pin the tail on the donkey, or employ the blind hog theory. The apparent objective is to gain control of all financial institutions, finalizing the transformation of a free market capitalist society to a collectivist state, closely resembling Communism. By whatever name, if you have control of the money, you control industry, and thereby control of the people.

It is being reported that many of the businesses receiving TARP funds are realizing that the "strings" attached give government absolute control and they wish to return the funds. Yet, government is saying we don't want the money back. What government wants is control, complete control. Some states are refusing funds for the same reasons.

If the nation survives what I view as attempts to destroy it, historians will declare the legacy of this president as the one who put two, three, or maybe more, (socialized health care is in the works), generations of the yet unborn, in debt. What are his motives? Are we to believe he is unaware of how his policies will affect our future? Or, should we believe he doesn't care? Or, should we believe this is part of a scheme to reduce us to the status of third world nations.

It doesn't seem to have registered with many of the electorate yet, but I see good reason people should be afraid. The founding fathers established a constitutional republic consisting of three co-equal branches to provide checks and balances, guarding against concentration of power seen in dictatorships/monarchies/totalitarian regimes around the world.

In this government there appears to be no separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches. So far, the president and the Congress have conspired in what I see as an effort to undermine our republic. Our constitution allows a president to make recommendations to the Congress. However, the Congress is in no way bound to enact his recommendations into law. If the Congress doesn't agree, (and there has been much disagreement thus far), it can tell the president to go jump. That hasn't, isn't happening. In fact the majority in Congress appears to be so giddily enamored by the presidents "charm" and rhetoric, it passes legislation without even reading it. And where has the media the founders entrusted to keep the people truthful informed been? Deafeningly silent. I regard much of what the Congress has done thus far as a violation of their oath of office, if not criminal.

Unfortunately, sentencing cannot be imposed until the first Tuesday in November 2010. In regard to mainstream media, sentencing can begin at your pleasure. Stop patronizing! Watch C-Span to see the Congress live, in action, and make judgment for yourself, based on what you see, not what you hear from some liberally biased news anchor.

Grady Mullins