Truck hit, pushed into bank

COVINGTON - Business was a bit more brisk than anticipated Friday morning at the Bank of North Georga on U.S. Highway 278 when the driver of a pickup was injured after his truck was struck and pushed by a second truck into the bank building.

Covington Police Department Officer Oscar Rogers said about 8:30 a.m., an elderly woman was in a pickup behind another truck that was stopped in the drive-through lane and apparently "instead of putting her foot on the brake, hit the accelerator and it got away from her."

According to Capt. Tony Smith of the Covington Fire Department, which was called to the scene, the driver of the first truck, a Ford Ranger, was stopped in the drive-through lane trying to cash a check. "She hit him and pushed him

forward. He cut his wheels left and ended up in front of the building. She continued straight and circled back around and parked in the rear of the building."

A column that supports the overhang in front of the bank was damaged, but business resumed shortly after the crash.

Smith said the man in the Ford Ranger truck was transported by ambulance to Newton Medical Center, complaining of neck and back pain.

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