Newton Phone Poll - 05/09/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please keep your comments brief.

"Where are all these crazy ideas coming from? I will be brief. The housing at the end of Clark Street looks like a retro mill village with psychedelic paint. A "roundabout' is another Covington Square with 100 times the traffic. During the CCC days, many of the camps were placed between cities so as to serve multiple areas from the same camps. Workers were warned upon moving into these camps. "Do not walk the railroad ties' due to the fact it may interfere with your body's natural rhythm and cause death. Several healthy, fit, young men were found dead on the tracks from this phenomenon nevertheless. As a resident of this traditional city am I the only person who realizes, the "New Turk Planners' have certainly hit rock bottom."

"I would like to address the person who was talking about Porterdale. I agree with what you say! Porterdale has some beautiful homes and some old nasty ones. The crime rate is really bad there. That's why the cops are around there all the time. I would never think of walking through there or living there, but I don't feel safe anywhere in Conyers or Covington! When you are robbed in daylight in a Wal-Mart parking lot, not knowing if the store you go into anywhere in these counties will be robbed. I live out 212 and I keep a gun with me in my car and my house, but I have a license to do so. They will have to deal with me first before they get my goods. I noticed a person walking around my cul-de-sac all dressed in black checking out the homes. I called police to let them know, I don't know if they found him or not. A lot of the crime I feel has escalated since people are showing up from all over the states and other counties, for what reason I cannot tell you."

"I am wondering why our counties are building more store front buildings for people to bring their business to when there are so many in both counties that are empty due to shops going out of business, businesses shut down, etc. I thought it would be a nice place when they fixed up the old plant into apartments and shops in Porterdale. All the shops on the main drag not long after it opened left and I wonder why? I am ready to move back to the North Georgia mountains to enjoy the rest of my life and not worry who is going to rob me and where."

"To the person who stated, "This ain't Mayberry,' and blamed the previous leadership in Newton County for lack of retail development: Most of the people (those of us who are taxpayers and can actually afford our homes) out here do not want this county to turn into another Rockdale or DeKalb. Most of the people who moved out to Rockdale and Newton in the last couple of years were from DeKalb County, so stop whining and move if you want more development"

"Once again how nice for Eastside that they get a lovely article regarding how wonderful their golf team and the players are at Eastside High School. Much to my surprise nothing and I mean nothing on Alcovy High, who by the way is also going to the state playoffs. The last time I counted Newton County had three high schools not just Eastside who always makes the paper and the students get all the coverage. I am feed up with your paper and the lack of coverage for both Newton and Alcovy. Yes! I am a parent of a student at Alcovy High School and if possible Alcovy gets way little coverage. Let's see Eastside always get coverage in your paper then Newton if ever so small and Alcovy may get luck and get a footnote. ..."

""Where's Jesse Jackson, Where's Al Sharpton? Where's the NAACP? On Easter Sunday, five people died as a result of a hit-and-run driver. All the victims were black ... " The last I read, an arrest had been made and the responsible party was about to face the consequences. Sounds to me like you have an axe to grind."

"In response to the person who was complaining about driving on a dealer's tag. If you read the official code of Georgia, which the written law concerning traffic violations, it states under code section 40-2-38.1 "A person engaged in the business of the limited operation of a motor vehicle for any of the following purposes may obtain a transporter plate authorizing the movement of the vehicle for the specific purpose: (1) To facilitate the delivery of new or used motor vehicles, trucks, or buses between manufacturers, distributors, dealers, sellers, or purchasers: (2) To move a mobile office, a mobile classroom, a mobile or manufactured home, or a house trailer. (3) To drive a motor vehicle that is part of the inventory of a dealer to and from a motor vehicle trade show or exhibition or to, during, and from a parade in which the motor vehicle is used. (4) To drive special mobile equipment in any of the following circumstances: (A) From the manufacturer of the equipment to a facility of a dealer; or (B) From one facility of a dealer to another facility of a dealer. These are the only times a car can be driven with a dealer tag. ... If everyone else has to pay taxes, buy tags and furnish insurance, so does a dealer."

"This note is regarding the concrete road barrier installed on Salem Road opposite the new Walgreen's driveway entrance. This morning I watched a huge 18-wheeler attempting to make a delivery to the new Walgreen's. He did an amazing job of a U-turn around the barrier to enter the Walgreen's driveway. Salem Road is quite narrow on either side of this barrier. A less skillful driver and we would have seen a jack-knifed truck. I felt like getting out of the car and applauding the driver! Less applause would go to whoever planned that barrier."

"Hello city of Covington officials. How much more do you think the senior citizens in Covington can absorb? It is all we can do to pay utility bills now. It may seem like a small increase to you, but any increase is hard for us. We have medical bills younger people don't have due to aging bodies. You should try to live on a fixed income. $1.00 + helps buy milk and medicine. Please try to give us a break instead of bogging us down. Would you not buy food or medicine to pay an already too high utilities? Probably not but that is what some of us have to do. May God Bless you with this another increase. God already takes care of us.

"To the person who said that "This ain't Mayberry, it never was and never will be' ... obviously you haven't lived in Newton County for over 30 years, because I can tell you for a fact that it once was, back before DeKalb, Fulton, Clayton, and other counties or New York, New Jersey and other states moved here to get away from the very environment they brought here. For those of us that have lived here our whole lives, I can tell you that the "rural way of life' that you apparently have a problem with is the best way to live and raise a family. Where you know your neighbors and you and your kids are safe when you go to the park. You don't have to worry about your property when you go to sleep or leave your home. If you don't like it, perhaps you can go back to wherever you came from."

"I am very disappointed there will be no fireworks in Covington this year. From the news story in the Newton Citizen on May 5th, Conyers is now expecting people from Covington to attend their events. Why? Because the county commissioners and the city of Covington would not pay their part of the fees because of the shortage of funds. When the pastor at the Church of Covington said he had tried to raise the funds but needed the city and the county to provide the police, fire and EMTs for the events, did he get an agreement to provide these services. No he did not. Thanks to our wonderful Covington City Council and Newton County commissioners again you are letting Conyers have a part of Covington. Hope you are happy."

"I am calling in reference to the person who called about the jobs being advertised for Newton County. I asked that the Board of Commissioners look into this matter very thoroughly and make very certain that these jobs are needed. I would not want to see a current employee lose his or her job due to these jobs being filled. I again ask that the Board of Commissioners look in to this matter very, very thoroughly. As a concerned taxpayer I do not want my tax dollar wasted I would much rather see it being used wisely."