Suspect arrested in robbery

COVINGTON - Covington Police have made an arrest in connection with the robbery of Long John Silver's restaurant on U.S. Highway 278 in mid-April.

Justin Lee James, 26, of 5219 Adams St. has been charged with armed robbery.

According to Detective D.J. Seals, James was identified from information received through a resident's tip.

"The information was credible and we went to the address, knocked on the door, made contact with the suspect and brought him into the station," Seals said. "After signing a waiver, he confessed and pointed himself out in the picture."

The CPD had obtained video footage of the robbery in progress that did not reveal a clear image of the suspect's face, but the multi-striped shirt he was wearing was a standout.

"He told us that shirt was the same shirt he was wearing when he had been booked in previously at the jail," Seals said, adding that detectives pulled that photo and sure enough, there he stood in the distinguishing shirt.

Seals said that even though a gun was never actually produced during the robbery, James allegedly had his hand in his pocket as if he had a weapon when he demanded money from the restaurant employee by saying, "I want the money out of the cash register."

Witnesses had said he fled the scene in a white Ford F-150 pickup.

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