Reminding students to buckle up

Class is over and summer looms large, but the staff at Georgia Perimeter College, along with the Newton County Sheriff's Office and the Covington Chick-fil-A restaurant were reminding students to buckle up and drive safely as they left the campus Thursday afternoon. Here, GPC student Amani Chahine accepts a coupon provided by Chick-fil-A for a free sandwich from Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown, as GPC Police Chief Christopher N. Albers looks on. Students were rewarded for having their seat belts buckled and received information on the dangers of not buckling up if they did not. After approximately 50 cars had gone through the checkpoint, only two drivers were found not to be wearing seat belts. "It's just something we can do to give out information to make sure kids are safe this summer," said GPC Police Lt. Andrew Moore. "Most of them are pretty good about wearing seat belts, but (we see them) talking on the phone and texting while driving." Also on hand for the event was a representative with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers who was furnishing information to the students.