Darrell Huckaby - 05/08/09

No offense to anyone, but please - y'all just leave my rain alone! I've been praying for it for three years and now that we are finally getting our share, all I hear is people trying to wish it away - just like we did when we were children and would sing, "Rain, rain go away; come again some other day" when we were cooped up inside.

I used to work with an old fellow named Cecil. I was a teacher and coach and Cecil was a maintenance guy. Cecil was way smarter than me. One day I happened upon him as he was sitting in the dirt planting flowers. I made some remark about how hot and dry it had been - or maybe about how much it had rained - I really don't remember; but I remember what Cecil told me.

He said, "I sure am glad there's not a switch somewhere that controls the weather. Some people would try to get up at 6 in the morning to turn on the rain and others would get up at 5:30 to try to keep it turned off. None of us would ever get any sleep. I'm mighty glad, " Cecil told me, "that God controls the weather. I've got more than I can say grace over already without having to have a say in what the weather does."

Can I get a witness!

At any rate, what brought this up is the fact that, if you haven't noticed, we've had a right wet winter and spring. It hasn't been any trouble at all for it to rain of late. We've had heavy storms with wind and rain and damaging hail - damaging to everybody's roof but mine, that is. The insurance adjuster insists that it's good as new, despite the puddles that form inside my house every time it comes up a bad cloud - but that's another story for another day.

One weekend it rained 4 or 5 inches, which might not be a record for this century, but doesn't miss one far. Other days we've had gentle soaking rains and other times we've had quick, passing showers.

In other words, the weather has been what used to pass for normal, back before George Bush got elected and fouled up the weather.

Me? I'm happy about the rain - as happy as a pig in slop, in fact. Some of my friends - not so much. One guy I know posted a plea on his Facebook page praying that the rain would go away so he could paint and caulk his house. The guy is from Florida, by the way, which is the Sunshine State. If he really wants sunshine I guess he could always move back.

Another lady wondered aloud when the "monsoon season" would end. When I chastised her for trying to wish the wet weather away she asked if I had a large supply of gopher wood on hand - a reference of course, to Noah's building material of choice.

Come on. Y'all. Chill. Let it rain. It helps the corn grow and the lakes fill up. Have you already forgotten the last two years? If so, let me refresh your collective memories.

We have been in a drought, remember? Lake Lanier has been at a record low level. Water skiers have been having to dodge the chimneys of the farm houses that were covered up when the area was flooded to build the lake. Lanier's not the only lake that has been low, either. Jackson, Sinclair, Alatoona. They all have been far below full summer pool.

We have had even-odd water rationing and all out bans in some areas. Sonny Perdue and the governors of Alabama and Florida have been arguing for two years over the little trickle of H2O that used to be the Chattahoochee River and, in fact, I have heard rumors that the three state executives were planning to settle the water wars with a mud wrestling match, as soon as there was enough of the liquid stuff to make mud.

Perdue even had a public prayer meeting on the front steps of the State Capitol to ask the Almighty to send rain. And now he has and everyone wants to complain about it. Reminds me of the old Indian I met one time. I asked him how often rain dances really worked. He assured me that they worked 100 percent of the time - as long as the Indians didn't quit dancing 'til it started raining.

Well, we've finally prayed up a right smart of rain and the lakes are filling up and the grass and flowers are growing and the water restrictions are eased and our cows may actually have hay to eat next winter.

So don't complain, let it rain. And if you need to be outside, go ahead. Like my mama used to tell me - I doubt that you'll melt. And take heart. I'll let you in on a little secret. I have been around a long time and every single time I got wet - I got dry again.

Now if I can only find somebody to come and fix my roof so I can get rid of these mushrooms that are growing in my bedroom carpet!

Darrell Huckaby