On the beat: Son arrested after police serve warrant on dad

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A family affair

Conyers Police Officers went to a residence to serve a warrant. When they arrived at the home, they observed a man sitting on the front porch and smelled the odor of burnt marijuana. They asked the man his name and he gave the name of the person on the warrant. Officers placed him in handcuffs and told him they were arresting him because there was a warrant for his arrest. "Are you sure it's for me? It might be my dad. He's inside," the man told them. After checking on the date of birth of the suspect on the warrant, it was discovered it was indeed Dear Old Dad they were after. He was cooking in the kitchen, but had to walk away from his food as he, too, was placed in handcuffs. While Junior was still so handy, officers asked him about the marijuana smell, but he was puzzled about where the smell could be coming from. Officers then patted him down and found a plastic bag of the stuff in his pants pocket, so both father and son went to jail.

Drunk and disorderly

The Conyers Police Department arrested a woman who apparently stole a dog bowl from a neighbor's yard, was walking around the neighborhood while intoxicated and apparently urinated against a neighbor's house. A witness said he saw the whole thing, but couldn't swear what the woman had actually been up to. He advised officers all he could see was "a bare black booty."

Expensive tastes

A man reported to the Newton County Sheriff's Office that his live-in girlfriend had used his credit card to the tune of $4,035.61 without his permission. The charges were made over a month's time.

Bartender gives bonus

A woman complained to the Covington Police that a female bartender at a local bar screamed obscenities at her and then "slapped her across the face with a rubber bar mat." The two had apparently gotten into an altercation about a man. Once the police arrived, the two reached an amiable solution. The woman who was slapped refused to press charges and said she was leaving the bar.

Taco hell

A man offered to pay for his $3 tab at Taco Bell with a $100 bill. The cashier gave him $97 in change which he took, but then told her to give him the $100 bill back because he thought he had the $3. He fumbled around and never found the $3, but next told her he had an urgent need to go to the restroom. When police arrived, the man had fled, making off with $97 of Taco Bell's money and a free meal.

Singing drunk

A Covington Police Department officer noticed a disabled vehicle at the intersection of Ga. Highway 142 and Industrial Boulevard. The officer noted the tire and its rim on the vehicle were damaged and the driver had just urinated on it. The driver was Hispanic and the officer had to communicate with him in Spanish and was able to learn that the man had had "two beers" at a nightclub in Conyers, but immediately suspected he may have had more. He asked the man to perform a field sobriety test and he readily agreed. As he was doing the 9 Step Walk and Turn portion of the test, he began marching and chanting "Here comes the bride," to the tune of the "Wedding March." After a while, the officer called a halt to the proceedings, the man having blown a .23 on the Breathalyzer.

Snaring fish

A woman was caught by the store manager at Food Depot apparently stealing fish filets. When CPD officers arrived they noticed several fish fillets on the floor, one of which was in a plastic bag. The store manager said he saw her put the fish in the bag and then place the bag inside her purse. When he confronted her, the fish fell out of her purse onto the floor. The woman said there must be some mistake because she didn't like that kind of fish.

Come back and pay

A man told an NCSO deputy that he was traveling down the street in a subdivision when a dog ran out in front of him and he hit it. He said the dog got up and ran back to a residence where a man was out in the front yard. The man told him to go on and that everything was OK. He went to his destination and said a few minutes later a female who identified herself as the dog's owner came there and asked him to come back to the house and exchange information, so he did. A little bit later he received a phone call from the woman who said the vet was demanding $700 in cash to treat the dog and if he didn't bring it to her, "then her relative who is an ex-con is on his way down there." When the deputy interviewed the dog owner, she said her son said something to the man and he drove off and they had to pay the $700. The deputy told both parties they would have to pursue the matter in court.

Stolen truck ... I think

A woman called the NCSO to report that her 2004 Dodge truck was missing. She said it could have been repossessed because she was behind three payments, although she had recently been able to make two payments. She said the real problem was that her husband's medication valued at $60 was in the truck. The deputy told her the truck could not be reported stolen until she verified whether or not it had been repossessed and she should contact the doctor concerning the medication.

Sound sleeper

NCSO deputies were called to the scene of a one-vehicle accident and found the driver standing on the side of the road with his car down in a ravine. The man told the deputy he had fallen asleep at the wheel and woke up 20 minutes after the wreck. A Georgia State Patrol trooper arrived and completed the investigation.