Longbottom Letter - 05/03/09

Letters to you from Mr. Grady Mullins consistently claim that we are a nation headed for disaster. This Joseph Goebbels style of fact-fracturing represents a frightening disregard for the truth. Despite his and others' claims, night is not day, hot is not cold, black is not white.

How did the mainstream media outvote the 55 million citizens who "voted for a different president?" How many votes were cast by the AJC, WSJ, Chicago Tribune or the Rockdale Citizen?

CNN's Web site says that President Obama received 69,492,376 votes for 53 percent of the total equaling 365 electoral votes while his opponent McCain received 59,946,378 votes for 46 percent and 173 electoral votes. McCain was not a "different president" but simply a losing candidate.

The "outpouring of people at tea parties" is laughable. Are there hordes of people who object to a reduction in the taxes of 95 percent of Americans? If there were crowds of consequence, they represented a hodge-podge of beliefs. With the tea baggers were members of the NRA, anti-gays, pro-torture advocates and even some "no black president" believers. That GOP big tent shelters some strange folks.

Mullins fears our government. He thinks Obama's objective is to destroy our Constitution. Do we have a constitutional right to torture? ... to eavesdrop on all Americans? ... to recklessly invade another sovereign nation? Did Dick Cheney repeal the 4th Amendment? "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated."

Of course, the mainstream media didn't print that "Obama has no 'roots' in this country to draw cultural experiences from." Instead, they told us of his white mother, Kansas born and raised, and of his white grandparents who shared in his upbringing. Are his "roots" to be found only in Africa? Some readers might find this to be an offensive racial remark.

As for his comment that we are not at war with Islam, we can find nearly identical statements by former president Bush in a Sept. 16, 2006, address to the UN General Assembly and in speeches made by him in September, October and November of 2002. Strange indeed!

Many in the United States of America are willing to divide and conquer. They claim that war is peace - torture is tough love - lies are truth. Shades of "1984!"

What if we try to live as the signers of the Declaration of Independence concluded - ... with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. Wow! That almost sounds socialistic.

Milt Longbottom