Burglars take puppy, clothes, spare change

COVINGTON - It's bad enough to have a home burglarized, but having a puppy stolen adds insult to injury.

According to Newton County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Mark Mitchell, that is exactly what happened when a home in the Riverwalk subdivision off Dearing Road was burglarized Thursday.

Mitchell said deputies answered a call reporting the burglary about 3:30 p.m.

"The front door of the residence had been forcibly entered and the outside phone wires were cut or pulled out of the phone jack box," Mitchell said. "The homeowner also showed reporting deputies that the burglary suspects had ripped the alarm control box off the wall on the inside of the residence."

Among the items stolen, according to an NCSO incident report completed by the deputies, were a money jar containing change amounting to $700; a pair of Air Jordan/Air Force 1 Nike shoes, valued at $1,300; Coggi shirts valued at $540; Coggi jeans valued at $840; and a 4-month-old Presa Canario puppy. According to the incident report, the homeowner valued the puppy at $1,300.

"At the time of the burglary, the victim's residential surveillance video was recording and filmed the incident," Mitchell said. "Deputies have reviewed the recording, which shows three black males in a dark in color sedan-type of vehicle arrive at the residence."

Mitchell said the video shows one of the men going around to the rear of the residence and interfere with the phone lines and another one going to the front door and kicking it in.

" ... (he) makes entry into the residence, as he is holding some type of handgun," Mitchell said. "From the video footage, deputies reported after the suspects forcibly entered the residence, a short time later, they left carrying a bag full of stolen items and the puppy."

The homeowner appealed to the television media, saying that the puppy belonged to his son and he wanted it back.

The NCSO Criminal Investigation Division asks anyone who has information on this incident to call 678-625-1400 or use the anonymous tip line at 678-625-5007.

Residents with information can also use the NCSO anonymous tip e-mail, which can be found at www.newtonsheriffga.org and by clicking on the anonymous tip link.

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