Health Reports - 03/31/09

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department and the Newton County Health Department. Restaurants that score from 90 to 100 get a letter grade A; those that rate 80-89 get a B; a tally of 70-79 is a C; and below 70 is a U, or unacceptable. A restaurant scoring 70 or above is allowed to operate if there are no critical violations. If a facility is rated U on consecutive inspections, it must close and the owner must prove that it can be operated safely before reopening is allowed.

· Fat Daddy's Ribs & BBQ, 3300 Ga. Highway 81 South, Covington. Date: March 3

Violations: Employee handled raw steak with gloves on then handled bread for a sandwich. Raw food (wings/chicken) next to cooked pork and beans on soup shelf in cooler. Raw eggs stored next to bell pepper on box on solid shelf. Food not being cold help properly. Food not being hot held properly. Wet wiping cloths sitting out on counter. Employee handling raw food then touching ready-to-eat food with gloves on. No vegetable sink. No backflow prevention on meat sink. Wet mops stored on floor.

· The Squeeze Inn, 93-A, 9209 U.S. Highway 278, Covington. Date: March 3

Violations: Using vegetable/meat hand sink in combination with sink in kitchen - must have different sinks for each task. No backflow prevention on three-compartment sink and vegetable/meat sink combination.

· KFC, 60-U, 6103 U.S. Highway 278, Covington. Dated March 5

Violations: Employee using spray wand at three-compartment sink then came up front and worked with food without washing hands. Employee fixing cooked corn on the cob and touching barehanded. Can opener blade is dirty. Inside of microwave dirty. Food not being cold held properly. Cup lids not turned with top facing up at drive-thru window. Cooler at front counter not cooling properly. Walk-in freezer has leak on condensation lines. Hand sinks not sealed to wall. Hand sink leaking at front and water on the floor. Fan covers in walk-in coolers dirty. Bottom of reach-in freezer dirty at vegetable prep area. Wire racks at flour station and around kitchen dirty. Vent-a-Hood dirty. Back side of fryers and wheels very dirty. Dumpster out back missing lid. Many areas of tile and grout missing on floors and cove moldings. Floors, tables and chairs dirty in eating area. Mop sink at front of store messy. Mop stored in mop sink wet. Walk-in cooler has holes in walls and missing metal sheeting. Hole in door of walk-in cooler that is holding food debris. Breakroom/storage area dirty. Hole in ceiling to the right of Vent-a-Hood. Dirty floors and walls behind fryers. Employee cleaning tables with one wet wipe cloth. Tea nozzles dirty.

· Town Center Breads Coffee House, 87-B, 4171 Raphael St., Covington. Date: March 6

Violations: Sanitizer in buckets at improper levels. Employee taking coffee grounds holder and banging excess coffee into trash can on inside of trash can, then putting holder back on coffee machine. Chemicals stored above single-use items. Sanitizer bucket stored on counter next to food items. Thawing soup in sink with water running over it but not submerged. Scoop handles and cup stored down in white powder and coffee beans containers. Coffee stirrers not protected. No splash guard at hand sink to protect food and utensils beside sink.

· Peking, 63-U, 5340 Ga. Highway 20, Covington. Date: March 9

Violations: Employee picking up ready-to-eat food bare handed. No hand sink in kitchen. Food not being cold held properly. Not cooling food properly. Bulk storage containers not labeled. Not cooling using approved methods. Employee cooking food without hair restraint. Wet wiping cloths sitting out on counter. Using bowl as scoop in flour. Wet utensils stored above sink. Reusing soy sauce containers and other single-service containers. Leak at hot holding table. Pallet in walk-in needs repainting. Gasket on freezer loose. Reach-in cooler not cooling properly. No vegetable sink in back - install vegetable sink or use three-compartment sink as meat sink and convert that sink to vegetable sink. No backflow on three-compartment sink or vegetable/meat sink. No trash can at front bar hand sink. Wet mop on floor.