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Kids, adults dress up with Dream Weavers

COVINGTON - A trip to Disneyland compelled Covington resident Lyn Gossage to take her own journey into the field of fantasy by making costumes for children and adults.

"I went to Disney and I couldn't believe the prices and how it was flying off the shelves, and I thought I can do this and for a lot cheaper," Gossage said.

For the past seven years, Gossage has hand made costume items for both children and adults. The lifelong seamstress produces dress-up clothes such as capes, tutus, hats, wands, crowns, wings, purses and bags. She visits at least 15 festivals a year to sell her wares through her business, Dream Weaver. Her busiest time is the fall.

Gossage said parents will often coax the very young children into her booth and encourage them to try something on. But as soon as the children move into the dress-up stage, it's the opposite.

"When they get a little older, the kids are dragging their parents in," Gossage said.

Gossage said parents often remark that they like her booth because it's so difficult to find dress-up clothes for boys and she offers lots to choose from for both boys and girls.

She sells capes for pirates, superheroes, princes, magicians and wizards. Hats and wands can also be used by both boys and girls, Gossage said.

While she does sell a lot of dress-up clothes for children ages infant on up, costumes for adults also prove popular. Teachers like to purchase wands, hats and capes for reading time to students and, of course, as Halloween approaches each year, adults turn to her for their costumes.

Gossage said she hopes her products, which start at about $3, are recession-proof.

"It's going to be interesting with the economy the way it is. But, like most parents, you'll buy for your children and do without yourself," she said.

Visit Lyn Gossage this weekend at booth No. 77.