Party ends with shots fired in air
Three women injured; Conyers man arrested

COVINGTON - A Conyers man was arrested Sunday morning after he allegedly fired shots into the air during a private party and panicked guests, which resulted in the injury of three women who were trampled in the melee, according to the Covington Police Department.

Sandino Aikins, 21, of 2126 Fairway Court, was charged with battery, reckless conduct and obstruction of law enforcement officers. Lt. Wendell Wagstaff said further charges could be pending.

CPD officers were called to the CWA building at 10200 City Pond Road at about 1:30 a.m. after receiving a report of a person discharging a firearm.

"Upon arrival ... I observed people running to cars, running in the street, running toward the woods and cars driving away at high rates of speed," Officer Michael Bailey said in a CPD incident report, adding that he estimated there were approximately 500 people "frantically trying to leave the building."

Emergency medical care was called for three women who suffered injuries when the crowd panicked and fled. They were treated at Newton Medical Center.

Bailey said he and other officers entered the building to look for the suspect with the gun.

"The building was destroyed; beer cans, trash, clothes, CDs, chairs and tables were thrown everywhere," he said.

Officers did not find anyone in the building, but talked to several witnesses who told them an individual they knew as "Dino" had a black handgun and was firing it into the air.

"The witnesses also stated after firing the gun into the air about four times, he ran across the parking lot and got into a black car, fired several more shots into the air and drove off in the direction of Alcovy Road," the report states.

"Approximately two minutes later a call came out over the radio that the shooter from CWA was at the Waffle House on Alcovy Road with the gun in his hands," the report reads.

Officers converged on the Waffle House. Witnesses on the phone with 911 dispatchers described the suspect, and officers were able to take him into custody.

A search of the area around the Waffle House turned up a black .45-caliber handgun, fitting the description of the one witnesses said Aikens fired, according to the incident report.

When asked his name, Bailey stated that Aikens replied with obscenities and could not be persuaded to give his true identity, even though officers told him he'd be fingerprinted at the jail and they'd learn his name.

"The suspect was booked as John Doe until his identity can be determined," the report states.

Wagstaff said there was no known motive for the suspect's conduct.

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