Rockdale Animal Control offering cheap vaccines

CONYERS - The public is invited to participate in a low-cost pet vaccine clinic Saturday to help raise money for Rockdale Animal Care and Control and also help stop the spread of parvo among dogs in the county.

Dianne Jayne, a volunteer with For Paws Sake in Conyers, said the incidents of parvo continue to rise, particularly as unneutered and unspayed dogs have puppies who remain homeless.

Jayne said the clinic has a two-fold purpose: to help cut down on diseases among cats and dogs by raising money for Rockdale Animal Control to purchase vaccines and to provide an inexpensive way for the public to vaccinate their pets.

"Rockdale's budget has been cut drastically, and one way to keep animals healthy in the kennels there is to make sure they have parvo or rabies vaccines," she said. "When a person reclaims a dog, they can be rest assured that it will come out of a cleaner environment."

From 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Rockdale residents can bring their dogs to receive rabies and parvo/distemper vaccines and cats can receive rabies and feline distemper vaccines.

The vaccines are $10 each and only cash will be accepted.

In addition to the vaccines, pets can be equipped with microchips for $20. The microchips are about the size of a piece of rice that is inserted under the skin between the shoulders. Jayne said the chips can be read by a scanner to retrieve the number of the company.

"The person can call the company where the chip was made. They will call the owner of the pet," she explained.

She said the microchips serve as a backup for collars that can become lost or stolen if a pet gets loose.

For Paws Sake is aiming to offer these low-cost vaccine clinics once a month to help raise money for Rockdale Animal Control. This month the clinic will be sponsored by Dr. Sherri Carithers of Paws and Claws Mobile Veterinary Services.

Jayne said the vaccines will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only cash will be accepted and dogs must be on a leash. Rockdale Animal Care and Control is located at 1506 Rockbridge Road in Conyers.

Aimee Jones can be reached at aimee.jones@rockdalecitizen.com.