Police: Gang suspected
in invasions

COVINGTON - Three masked men were apparently attempting home invasions at two residences in the Magnolia Heights apartment complex Thursday night, but were fought off by residents, according to the Covington Police Department.

Around 7 p.m. a man called and said the suspects had come to his door and tried to gain entry. They were unable to get in and left the scene, according to a CPD incident report completed by Officer Grant Satterfield.

The resident of an apartment a few doors down reported that earlier that evening he heard a knock on his door and when he opened it, three masked suspects tried to enter.

"The suspects managed to get about 2 feet inside his residence. (The victim) stated that he was struck and pushed by the male subjects. (The victim) pushed and struck one of the suspects two times with a closed fist and was able to force them back into the hallway," the report states.

The victim, who was left with what the officer described as "minor abrasions" on the knuckles of both hands, was then able to secure his door and he said it was then that the trio went to the man's apartment who had called the police.

The suspects were described as all wearing black, but one of them was wearing black and red. All three had masks covering their faces. One of them was carrying a pipe approximately 1 foot long, covered in black tape.

One of the victims said one of the suspects had scarring on his upper right arm and a "Gangster Disciples" symbol tattooed there, as well. That man told the officer that it was the same symbol that was painted on Building 6 in the apartment complex.

The case is under investigation. Police ask that anyone with information about the identity or whereabouts of the suspects in this case to call the CPD at 770-786-7605.

Tips can be given to the CPD anonymously by visiting their Web site at www.covingtonpolice.com and clicking on "contact us" and then "secret witness."

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