A class in creepy crawlers

The students in Piedmont Academy's second-grade class have enjoyed having a blue tongue skink reptile as a class pet this year.

And recently, the class visited eve more pets at Randar's Reptiles and Exotic Pets in McDonough for an exclusive, up close and behind the scenes look at each type of animal there.

The store tour guides gave the class an opportunity to touch a 12-foot albino python snake, Bearded Dragon, Green Iguana and Urimastic lizards, as well as rabbits and guinea pigs. They were also given a tour of the "back room," where they observed the area where feeder mice, crickets, worms and breading birds are kept.

The guides showed the students the shed from a tarantula and explained how the spiders shed as they grow and also took time with the students and gave them details of where each creature would live in the wild and what type of things they would eat.