Trio busted with drugs on Mulberry Street

COVINGTON - Porterdale Police Chief Wayne Digby said anybody who sells drugs in Porterdale should pay attention - they're going to be arrested.

"You may not see us today, but we're going to get you. That's a top priority here," Digby said following Friday's drug bust at 10 Mulberry St.

The Covington/Newton County Special Investigations Unit served a search warrant at the address following what Commander Philip Bradford called a "brief investigation where we had made a few buys." Arrested were Karen Daniel Knight, 42, who was charged with possession of methamphetamine with the intention to distribute and sale of methamphetamine; her brother Don Ansley Daniel, 52, who was charged with possession of methamphetamine; and Dwayne Levi Randolph, 28, of 39 Broad St., who was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.

Bradford said the Mulberry Street location and those living there had been a "thorn in our side," for quite some time.

Found during the search of the residence was a quantity of methamphetamine commonly known as ice, digital scales and other drug paraphernalia which was located in Karen Knight's bedroom, Bradford said. Also, in her brother's bedroom was an amount of methamphetamine and paraphernalia consistent with personal use.

Bradford said Randolph was apparently a guest in the home.

The SIU commander said his agents had plenty of assistance from the Porterdale Police Department during the raid.

"The whole department came out with us. They were excited to finally get to shut that place down. They brought their drug dog and were a big help and worked side-by-side with us," Bradford said. "It was nice to have the extra manpower."

Digby said he was grateful that the combined efforts finally resulted in an arrest at the location.

"We've had a lot of complaints about that residence. We've been surveilling it on and off ever since Thanksgiving," he said. "We finally got enough evidence working with SIU who obtained a search warrant ... and made a good bust."

Digby said ridding the city of drugs is something his department takes very seriously and they are making good use of the drug dog they obtained last year from a department in North Georgia.

K-9 Officer Beau, a golden retriever, and his handler Cpl. Jason Cripps are on call with Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and were recently involved in a drug bust at the Atlanta Airport.

"It's still under investigation, but a portion of the seizure will come to the Porterdale Police Department from that," Digby said, adding that Homeland Security is now negotiating to have Beau and Cripps appointed to a full-time position with them.

"I'm not bragging, but Beau is the best. He trains every week with different agencies and their dogs and he puts them all to shame," Digby said. "He's not a bite dog - strictly a tracker - but they don't get no better."

Barbara Knowles can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com