The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. This week's poll was an open line:

"Here is the basic equation: increase in sales causes increase in production, which eventually leads to hiring employees. Sales of products cause job creation. No business that uses good, honest judgment will create a job that doesn't lead directly to increase in profits. Yes, decreasing taxes on businesses will decrease business expenses and increase profit margins but not product sales. However, any decrease in a businesses' overhead will have no effect on sales unless the product's quality or features increase or price decreases. Even so, the market, not the cost of business, determines a product's price."

"I have never heard any business person say 'I've just got a tax cut so I think I'll hire some employees.' I have heard 'my sales are growing so we will be hiring to increase our production,' just not recently."

"Boy, the city of Covington messed up when they sold out to Charter. This new format with all those pictures and everything - enough is enough after you have seen one time. Another comment: This big page advertisement the hospital has. We all know where the hospital is, and if they might exchange that cost for the reduction of the cost Band Aids and aspirins in the emergency room. Those two things really irritate me."

"The last eight years they have made a shambles of the county's road system. They tried to do something but now they gutted the treasury, have no money to pay the employees, and some of the county commissioners didn't even run again, they bowed out and just took off. Aaron Varner didn't make it back in. Kathy Morgan did; that is fine. We need better leadership; we got it I think, but now we don't have the money to pay the employees. The roads are going to get in bad shape, paving is going to get behind, grass cutting, every department is going to get behind. We have got to come up with some solution to solve this problem instead of laying off county workers, furloughing them, cutting their pay. They should have saved enough money to keep the county running. I think it has been handled very bad, and I work for Newton County public works."

"This is for the Porterdale City Council candidates up for (election) this year. I was wondering if Mr. Grimes and Mr. Chambers would be having a face-to-face debate? If so, when and where. And also I would like to know their opinions on the dog ordinance. If y'all could possibly do a story in the paper about that."

"I think Mayor Carter should only get a raise if she can do something to improve the looks of those buildings that are so visible when you come into town on Pace Street, and they are very visible from the new Judicial Center and the new administration building. ... let's give her that assignment."

"I am calling in regards to all the jabs being made about the New Yorkers in Covington. Our neighbors are from New York and you couldn't ask for better neighbors. They keep up their property beautifully and they are always there in time of need. There is nothing unusual about them inviting you to go to dinner or go to a movie and they are that way to everybody in the subdivision. That is more than I can say for a lot of the other people who live here."

"I was calling about President Obama - based on the theory on whoever you worship as your God, he is God to a lot of people, and as far as him with the theory 'Yes we can,' 'Yes we can,' it may happen but it ain't happened yet, so far it has been 'No I can't.'"

"I would like to say to the 'Republicans' if they would quit downing Obama when he is trying to fix the country and get in there and help him and pray for him he might do better than all the Republicans with their negative attitude. And Sonny Purdue needs to take the money for the unemployed people - what is he thinking? Is it because he can't get money for his fish pond down there? He should have used the money he used on the fish pond to fix the roads and all the things that are tore up, and another thing, Shirley Franklin up there, she needs to get her house in order too and get things right."

"I've been reading the Citizen Poll now that I moved to Covington. I really enjoy reading what these characters write in the paper, especially about the buses running for hours while warming up. After reading these letters you become more aware of the things that your tax dollars are being spent on. So I would like to comment: Where I live, across the street there is a white Newton County van that throughout all hours of the day seems to drop by and stay half an hour or more. I would like to know if this is the worker's house or a mistress's house or what. I'm sure that tax dollars are being wrongfully spent here."

"After all the money spent on the courthouse to get it to look where it's at today, when you drive by you see stacked boxes in the window behind a flag pole that has no flag on it."

"As a retired Newton County resident and taxpayer, I am concerned about recent talk of budget problems and the possibility of salary reductions and lay offs. In light of recent board action to reduce the budget deficit, I question the wisdom of keeping the volunteer fire houses in operation throughout the county. I understand that some of the buildings and property may be privately owned but the county Fire Department provides equipment and maintenance upkeep, which is no doubt costly. Considering that we have a large, well-staffed county fire department that responds to every call, why do we need the expense of a volunteer department. The expensive fire equipment in these volunteer houses could be used in the county department as back up or relief trucks which in the long run would save the county money."

"To the pollsters who didn't like my comment about the lady from New York at the bank, I stand by what I said. And until I have a nice personal experience that will be how I feel. And someone asked had I ever went to NY and the answer is no and I have no desire to go. I wonder why is it that New Yorkers move to the South in droves if it's so great up there and the people are so much friendlier. I have nothing personal against Northerners; this is just the perception I have of them which is rude, arrogant and obnoxious. The world doesn't owe you anything."

"Covington people please wake up! There is a bad crack problem located in Jamestown in Covington! This is being done right out in the open! Since when is it that our local law enforcement officers are too afraid to go down into this area and shut this down? There have been numerous attacks and rapes, along with prostitution for crack, under-aged girls selling and trading their bodies, sometimes by force for this drug. Jamestown is not the only area, Green Acres is also involved. 'Down In The Hole' is a well-known area for crack sales. If the average person in Newton County knows of these places, they have a free hand because they are not afraid of the police. It's only bringing worse criminal activity from other areas such as Atlanta and Decatur, possibly other states as well. Please stop allowing our county to go to the dogs! I know personally some people that have been good people but have ruined their lives because they were so welcomed in these awful places! Now it's too late for them! What if one of your children were to end up down there or possibly dead! Law enforcement, doesn't our tax dollars pay to have things such as this addressed? Why can't something be done? Why can't the GBI be involved and save a once nice neighborhood? Don't be afraid to stand up and clean up this nasty, violent mess!"

"Now we hear the round-about is going to be built at Clark Street and Turner Lake Road! What a waste of taxpayer money. It's just a 'thing' to help beautify the 'entrance' to Clark's Grove development. ... If they want a cute little area there to decorate and landscape, let them pay for it! These 'rounds' were initially small burg squares for many cities around the country, like the one on the square in Covington. Everyone who has them is trying to figure out how to get rid of them! Just picture the Covington Square with about 40 times the daily traffic, and all the school buses that use that road both in the mornings and afternoons. Kids will be late for school continuously due to accidents on the round-about. Revere Round in Boston has more than a wreck per day! And that probably isn't the worst one, it's just the one I'm familiar with. By the time you get fire trucks, ambulances and wreckers into the round-about, there is no way out. There is almost a cloverleaf at that intersection as it is. Just make another right-hand lane coming north on Turner Lake onto Clark Street and straighten out the existing northbound cut-off from Clark to Turner Lake. Apply no left turns from Turner Lake northbound into the Turner Lake Complex and anyone needing to get into Turner Lake Complex will have to enter southbound or directly from Clark Street. Doh."

"This is to all the citizens that dumped their trash at the closed recycling center on McGiboney Road Monday 3/2/09. What is wrong with you people! The closed and locked gates indicate that the center is not open for business. Why are you illegally dumping your trash out by the street? You are breaking the law. This concerned citizen called the police and was told that there was nothing they could do about it. The kind police officer that came out said that they didn't have enough officers to patrol the center. I told him I was running people off and taking down tag numbers. Again he told me that there was nothing he could do with the tag numbers because he didn't have contact with the violators. This is ridiculous on so many levels. Why people think it is OK do this and why the county can't do anything about it just blows me away. Where are the Keep Newton County Clean people? To the guilty people, please leave your addresses so I can come and dump my trash in your neighborhood."

"The Newton Citizen can publish Mayor Carter getting new furniture for the mayor's office. They can put all this stuff about some family being charged ... a while back in the paper. But yet when someone comments about the Porterdale City Council no one at the Newton Citizen does anything about it. I believe they are a bunch of robotic people - one does what the other does. Porterdale residents need to wake up, smell the coffee and get with the flow. Get somebody in there who ain't going to play around with them. Get someone who is going to speak up for your rights and all that good stuff. It is time for the good ol' boys to hit the road in Porterdale."

"Shame on the people who left their poor dogs in the freezing snow without shelter. If you don't care about them, please give them to someone who will. Shame on you!"

"I know you probably won't print this, but I would like to know what kind of shelter puts out a homeless man and woman. ... How in the world can you put someone out like that the day before it snows."

"In my neighborhood we have a stray cat problem. I called Newton Animal Control and was put on a waiting list for a trap. This morning I received a call advising me that I could come by their office and pickup my trap. While there I asked what do I do when I catch something and was told to bring it to their office and was told their office hours. What am I paying taxes for? Is this an approved procedure? I tried to do the humane thing, but many will not if forced to pick up their traps and have to transport said animal to their station. The cages have meshed wire bottom and urine and feces could easily get into one's own vehicle since I do not have a pickup."