On the beat: Man accused of stealing boxer shorts, socks from Wal-Mart

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Life's little necessities

A man who was suspected of shoplifting at Wal-Mart was stopped by a Covington Police officer who searched his vehicle and found "four packages of Wal-Mart brand dinner meats" under the passenger seat. The man maintained he didn't steal the food. "I bought it from a guy in the parking lot," he explained. Also discovered were two pairs of work gloves and a pack of Hanes men's boxer shorts still in the original packaging. In the man's coat pocket, a new package of socks was found. The total amount of merchandise believed to have been stolen from Wal-Mart was $69.87.

· A woman found a hole in her garage door and told CPD officers that someone had gained entry and taken a case of Corona beer and a box of champagne.

· A woman was seen by a Wal-Mart asset protection officer putting two pairs of blue jeans into her purse and leaving the store. When she was stopped, a red shirt was found in the sleeve of her jacket, according to a CPD incident report.

· A woman was arrested by CPD officers at Wal-Mart after she was seen on video paying for a spritzer bottle, but attempting to leave the store without paying for a $28.97 birthday cake and some photos.

Too friendly

A woman complained to the Newton County Sheriff's Office that she ran into an old friend of hers and had since talked with him several times on the phone. Apparently his ex-wife wanted to be included in the friendship as she began text-messaging the woman sexually explicit messages and photos. She told deputies she didn't want to receive the messages and was advised to take out a warrant.

Free ride

A woman told NCSO deputies she was visiting a friend when a neighbor came over and asked for a ride to the store. Apparently while en route, the neighbor stole the woman's credit card and during the next hour visited a bottle shop, a grocery store and several convenience stores, managing to spend only $90.18.

Knows the drill

An NCSO deputy went to a home after a report on a domestic dispute was received. A man was sitting in a wheelchair in front of the residence when the deputy arrived and said, "I hit her. Just take me to jail." The deputy investigated further and found the woman involved had a split lip. He went back again to speak with the man who confessed once more, "I hit her, so do what you have to do." He did, in fact, go to jail.

Looks familiar

A woman called the CPD to report that as she was driving down Ga. Highway 36, she saw a familiar sight - a young boy riding on a bicycle that looked very much like the one owned by her son. When she got home, she checked and found her son's bike was missing. It's described as red and blue with rusted wheels.

Is that you, dear?

A man reported to the CPD that he saw his wife in a store parking lot with another man. He asked her what was going on and as he leaned into the vehicle, he reported he was hit in the face by the other man. The husband fell backward into another vehicle and cut a gash in his head. The other man left the area. No word on who the wife left with.

Bad news

A man called the NCSO and told them his car was stolen while he was in jail.

Didn't take the bait

A woman reported to the NCSO that she had advertised on craigslist for a roommate and it had apparently generated a lot of interest. One person sent her two checks for nearly $3,000, instructing her to cash them and return $1,800. She didn't do it.

Wrong turn in Acapulco

An NCSO deputy stopped a woman for running a stop sign. She handed him what he described as an "Acapulco driver's license." The deputy asked the woman how long she had been in the U.S. and she told him 15 years. He asked if she was an illegal alien and she confirmed that she was. She went to jail.

No rush

A man notified the NCSO on Feb. 21 that someone apparently fired a bullet through his bedroom wall. He said he believes it happened New Year's Day.