5 teens shot at party

COVINGTON - Five teenagers were wounded early Sunday morning when shots were fired at a large party in Trelawney subdivision.

Lt. Tyrone Oliver of the Newton County Sheriff's Office said that one or two men fired shots in the residence at 10 Trelawney Lane shortly after midnight Sunday, wounding five teenagers.

Oliver said none of the teens' injuries were life-threatening. Four of the injured were taken to area hospitals for treatment and one was released on the scene to their guardian, according to a statement released by the Sheriff's Office.

Oliver said the party was well-chaperoned and the suspect or suspects were at the residence without permission.

"There were several hundred people there (at the party)," Oliver said. "We do have witnesses to the event, but being that it is an ongoing investigation, I can't say if there were one or two shooters."

One of the teens who was injured in the shooting said Monday that a man showed up and started firing shots in the area of the home's garage.

"All I know is that we were at the party and some dude showed up, and I'm guessing he was in a gang or something," the victim said. "The owner of the house made him leave, and he came back and he started shooting."

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