Covington: Airport to close next month

COVINGTON - The Covington Municipal Airport will be closed for up to 60 days beginning in July while rehabilitation of the runway and other work is under way.

"Work will begin in mid- to late-July. The contract for all that work says it could cause closures at the airport for up to 60 days. The plan is not to take that long," City Manager Steve Horton said. "We're going to try to get the runway done first or at least have off and on operations."

About 4,200 feet of runway and an apron will be rehabilitated and the fuel farm will be relocated.

The fixed base operator, Atlanta East Aviation, and owners of planes housed at the airport can still do maintenance work on their aircraft while the project is ongoing, Horton said.

"Our hope as a city and the Georgia Department of Transportation's hope is to try to speed it along as best we can because 60 days is a long time to close anything," he said.

The project is estimated to cost $3 million, with the city required to pay approximately $200,000. The remainder of the project will be paid for through federal and state funding.

Horton said most of the local aviation community has been informed of the closure, which was discussed at a meeting of the Airport Advisory Committee last week.

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