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Editor's Note: A recent phone poll comment claiming that Commissioner Nancy Schulz proposed spending $100,000 on a study of the Almon community was incorrect. According to Schulz, students from the University of Georgia's Environmental Design Class used the Crowell Road Corridor from Brown Bridge to Almon as a project in their Spring Semester 2009 class. One of their recommendations was to adopt an overlay, and beginning in April, stakeholders along Crowell Road and the Almon community began meeting monthly to discuss a possible overlay. This process has been facilitated by the county's Planning and Development Department.

"I proposed $120,000 in economic development Initiatives as a comprehensive strategy county-wide to correct the inverted tax digest," Schulz said. Commissioners agreed those initiatives will only be funded if revenues for the fiscal year 2010 budget exceed projections.

"This is to the individual who took items from an American serviceman traveling through the Covington area. What kind of low life are you? This person risks his life to protect the liberties that you enjoy so much, and you repay him by taking his personal property, including a bag which contained several of his uniforms? It is a sad day in this country when people like you do what you did to our service men and women! Have a little more respect for men and women in uniform ... and keep your hands off things that don't belong to you!"

"What happened to the anonymous traffic tip line? I believe it used to be on the Sheriff's Web site. We used it after the March snow to alert whomever in Newton County deals with downed trees. They sent someone right out. Please, put the traffic tip line back up!"

"Is anyone aware of a 'Noise Ordinance Sign' that can be posted in Oak Hill subdivision. Any information regarding this will be greatly appreciated. Every evening and every weekend we hear radios and booming noises shaking our living room from loud music from people coming and going in our neighborhood. Thank you."

"I am a musician and would like to know how much longer this stuff they call rap music is going to be around. I mean, there was acid rock, disco and punk rock. It came and went and some of it we liked. We have these people that wonder why teens and young adults don't have any regard for others. Would you have any regard for others if you listened to crap that told you to look up to pimps and gangsters and to be irresponsible by running around so you can be a player. P-diddy, Snoop-dog and Em-n-em never mention the kids you're going to have to support or the jail time you're going to have to do when you don't support the kids you've had by running around. It's time to let real musicians make music and get the phonies that make noises by spinning records or pushing buttons in a studio out of the music industry."

"Regarding Health Department inspections, remember that you are dealing with a state of Georgia agency and not local officials. Until you can get the attention of the state, you will not make any progress in your quest for change."

"We are so excited - not. It seemed like an answer to traffic congestion at Turner Lake Road and Washington Street. The city was going to install traffic lights in March. They did but have yet to turn them on. We must be going to have a Christmas lighting ceremony. Come on folks, let's turn on the light. I think you had to cover the lights once or twice due to wind tearing off the plastic. Oh well, one more project gone down the river."

When is this global warming insanity going to end? Our illustrious folks in Washington are trying to pass a bill that will put a 'Gas Tax' of $50 per cow and $5 per pig for our farmers (who are already having trouble making ends meet). This will mean, if it is passed, and, of course, we know the more ridiculous something is, the faster it will become law, that the American public will be paying much higher prices for milk, meat, pork and anything having to do with cows and pigs. With the present economic situation in the USA, why is something like this looming ahead? People, please wake up! We need to stand together to write our congressmen and ask them to think before they pass something as asinine as the aforementioned item. Don't they have much more important things to think about when there are so many Americans losing their jobs, homes, autos, insurances and just trying to put food on the table for their families? In Washington, they need to get their priorities where they should be - to help the American public not hurt us more."

"I was calling about the Kansas City, Mo,. hip hop performance by DJ Jazzy Jeff where he stormed off the stage because they wanted him to turn his music down. I applaud them. I think they were 100 percent right. I have been to car shows where they play that hip hop music so loud it almost will bust your ear drums. Just keep in mind everybody in the world does not want to hear that filthy music."

"Here are several suggestions for improving the revenue stream for Newton County. They are to ask the citizens to vote on the availability of beer, wine and spirits to be taxed and sold countywide; create a committee to develop a methane plant at the county landfill that will provide a new energy source; turn the land adjacent to the landfill that is the land application acreage into a vegetable garden tended to by the local inmates with the produce to be sold at wholesale to the public on the Square on Saturdays; reestablish the requirements for emission inspections; ask for bids from independent accounting firms outside of the county for a countywide audit for all boards and county departments to uncover any inefficiency, waste and fraud; have the county share the cost of the city of Covington's grant writer or create a position for a grant writer so that Newton County can receive federal funding; create a park-and-ride lot for mass transit at Porterdale, Highway 212 and 36, Highway 278 and Highway 11; revoke the 1,800-square-feet requirement for building a new home and reduce it to 1,100 square feet on the main level; require a permit $10 a day for yard sales; require any home business to have a current county business license; and increase the fine for being unlicensed to $1,000 per violation. These are ways that we can increase income into the county."

"I am calling with a question for the chairman, the administrative assistant and the Board of Commissioners. With layoffs of the county employees fixing to happen, how many employees will be hourly employees versus salary employees? With salary employees making more money than the hourly employees do, I think that the salary employees should be considered for layoffs, as well. That would be the only fair way to do the layoffs. Also, I see that the part-time CDL truck driver (position) has been filled. I ask how can this job be filled if the county is currently under a hiring freeze? Now, I guess that means that someone may lose his or her job because of this job being filled. As a taxpayer I would hope that the Board of Commissioners would look into this matter and address it as they see fit to."

"I would like to address the continuous problem of speeders on I-20 at the construction area. As long as that construction area has been going on the city of Covington could probably issue at least 10 tickets a day for speeding and based on the maximum charge for this ticket at 10 a day over the course of a year the city could probably bring in $1.2 million into the coffers. Just a thought."

"The City Council is exploring ways to reduce spending as is the state government. How about this: Anyone who receives checks from Social Services needs to take a drug test each and every time they show up for a check. It seems to me that it is only 'fair' that the people who receive funds by collecting these checks for their existence should be required to meet the expectation of clean living as those who are gainfully employed and have to submit to random drug testing to earn the money that funds the social programs."

"According to the editor of Newsweek, President Obama is 'above the world and is like a god.' Further, President Obama saw himself when he saw the carvings in the Great Pyramid that portray the Pharaoh that commissioned the pyramids be built. There is no middle class in either a theocracy or a monarchy, only those in charge and those commanded to obey. So, when America crumbles will you be in the class of nobility or will you be a serf?"

"Restaurant owners should be aware of what the rules are so that they can follow them, and the Health Department needs to be consistent with their ratings. Department of Health codes are strict for a reason. Restaurant workers are always going to take shortcuts and even become complacent in food handling. Citizens of Newton County - please continue to read and heed the Health Department ratings. I was made violently ill requiring emergency department treatment because of just one instance where one food worker took one shortcut and handled raw poultry and then handled cooked products. Restaurant owners: Train your staff! Learn what the regulations are and follow them."

"Restaurant owners complaining about the new health inspector being unfair and too hard on them is ridiculous. For way too many years, they have gotten away with a slap on the wrist. It is about time safety was first and not set aside because of who you know."