Alexander Letter - 06/12/09

I remain completely amazed at the county commissioners and their obtuse decisions regarding their constituents. How can these elected officials unanimously approve such a drastic increase in our water rates when many families are struggling day to day in our current economy? And to be so obtuse as to more than double the current rates for water/sewage in support of future expenditures clearly demonstrates that they are not in tune with their constituents.

It is bad enough that stormwater runoff payments required from each resident each year clearly are a taxation without adequate representation, with several communities not even hooked into the sewage portion of water services being billed. Now those elected to serve are going to change a family's monthly water bill that averages around $35 a month to one well over $90 a month. And with no explained, well-defined reasons.

To add even more insult to our lack of intelligent voting that got most of these yahoos elected, the water department is going to hire part-time workers to field phone calls from upset citizens when they call to voice their outrage over the rate increases. More wasted money. It is clear now that we must act and act with our votes if we are going to have fair, responsible representation from our county officials.

David Alexander