Styrofoam-loaded truck catches fire

COVINGTON - A tractor-trailer caught fire at the intersection of Ga. Highway 11 and Marvin Farms Road, near the Jasper County line, around noon Monday and more than 12,000 pounds of Styrofoam plates and other supplies melted, according to Newton County Fire Service Deputy Chief Tim Smith.

"Styrofoam is flammable and that makes it a little harder to put out," he said, adding that firefighters suppressed the blaze in little more than a half hour. "It took awhile for the cleanup. The trailer was pretty much gone."

Also on the scene was Jody Nolan of the Newton County Emergency Management Agency, who said the truck had left PACTIV Corporation in Covington and was en route to Miami.

"The trailer box was full of Styrofoam plates, serving trays, aluminum foil and drink carriers," he said. "The truck's turbo faulted out, causing the fire. Nobody was hurt, but the trailer and contents were a complete loss."

Nolan said because fuel products are used in the manufacture of Styrofoam, the truck fire had "an extremely heavy fuel load."

"Styrofoam burns readily and is difficult to suppress. They used a significant amount of firefighting foam," he said.