County to hire training manager

CONYERS - Rockdale County is considering the creation of a training manager position to oversee employee training and expand on current efforts.

The position is a revision of the Rockdale Employee Enrichment Program, or REEP, director's job. The position has been vacant since Barbara Clanton was named assistant to the chairman in January.

Rockdale County Human Resources Director Arthur Reese said the job will become more flexible in offering training opportunities to county employees than what REEP currently offers.

"We want the position to encompass all training and play an active role in providing that training," Reese told the Board of Commissioners last week.

Reese explained REEP has exclusively outsourced training to DeKalb Tech. Much of the courses offered addressed work skills that helped current employees to become more efficient.

The new training manager position will require a background in training. Reese said such a position will also be useful in providing leadership skills for employees who are promoted to management positions, an area REEP did not cover.

Rockdale County Commission Chairman Richard Oden asked about options available for online training. A

proponent of advancing technology in county government, Oden said he could see a benefit for online training where employees could do the work any time on any available computer.

Reese agreed, but explained the cost to provide online training remained a determining factor.

"We want to add online training; however, right now there is a high price tag for training online, so we will still utilize traditional training methods along with some online," Reese said.

The position will also be moved to the Human Resources Department. REEP was under the Board of Commissioners when it was formed by then-county commission Chairman Roy Middlebrooks in 2005.

The Board of Commissioners is expected to vote on the position soon. Reese said the job's salary will be a part of REEP's $168,000 annual budget.

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