Newton Phone Poll - 06/06/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"I need help understanding exactly what's going on, please. One news article states Newton County property owners will not receive the Homestead Exemption provision usually funded by the state of Georgia because the state did not approve it for this next year. Supposedly, the 'average' homeowner will get a property tax increase of between $200 and $300. Then, Newton County Tax Commissioners are saying the county will increase property taxes an average of $15. Now, exactly where does that leave us 'old folks' that were supposed to receive a tax break during all this hoopla? Have I been screwed or have I been kissed? It's hard to tell anymore!"

"I wanted to share my experience in light of our current economy. I purchased a used American-made car this past weekend that was a 2008 model with only 27,000 miles. This car broke down on me going home from the dealer. I promptly took this car back to the dealer and went with a Japanese-made car, which was what I was previously driving that had 227,000 miles and had never broke down. I would have kept it, but our family was growing and we needed a 4 door car. After my long ordeal, I turned on the TV to sit and relax, only to hear this American-made auto maker was going to end up filing bankruptcy. Imagine that!"

"I was horrified to read about the 2-year-old walking across Highway 278. KC's 24 Hour Child Care needs to be held accountable. ... Fortunately, the child is safe and sound ... "

"I been thinking that the railroad (Norfolk/Southern) doesn't even own the property it is situated on. And they have found some true suckers to pay them millions of dollars for what? If it is turned into a walking trail then it is no longer a railroad. If it is no longer a railroad, the property reverts back to the original owners of the property who gave it up, temporarily, for the railroad. Norfolk/Southern DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO SELL! How stupid can you get? Spending valuable time and money for 'experts' to advise us on the proposed purchase. And it isn't like we have the money to pay the experts in the first place, much less funds to pay millions for a walking trail. This is the dumbest thing I think I have ever seen in my entire life."

Editor's note: According to information provided at a recent town hall meeting on the railroad issue, the railroad property, if abandoned by the railroad, would not revert to the adjoining property owner in all cases. The adjoining property owner's deed apparently determines what would happen to the rail line property.

"Two special education teachers arrested (on charges of) using drugs. I know that bus drivers are randomly tested, so why aren't the people who probably have the most influence on our children on a daily basis tested, too?"

"Hats off to the city of Madison and Morgan County! Shame on the city of Covington and Newton County! Morgan County's salute to armed forces on Memorial Day was an outstanding event! The square in downtown Madison is no larger than the square in downtown Covington, yet Madison's square on Memorial Day was packed with 1,000 people and 490 motorcycles. The sound of the motorcycles hitting the square was deafening. It was followed by the solemn sound of silence as a bugle began playing Taps, everyone was carrying and waving their flags, people were dressed in red, white and blue and had their hands over their hearts as the National Anthem was played ... it was a remarkable event. What happened to us, citizens of Newton County, why have we strayed from the small hometown feeling that we all crave and desire but do nothing about. Where is our community spirit? To our city and county leaders, who have week after week been getting thrashed in the weekly Citizen Poll, 'Thank You' for living up to our expectations of doing nothing! Canceling the July 4th fireworks is just icing on the cake ... "

"It is so disappointing to look forward to the publishing of the new Citizen Poll only to find that it has not been updated. If you are going to have an online edition, please keep it current."

"To the irresponsible dog owners on Floyd Street: Sunday morning, your black Lab and brown mixed breed were left unattended in your yard. As I was traveling in the proper biking lane, they left your property, barking frantically, and chased me for a few blocks, even crossing in front of oncoming traffic, as I attempted to get away from them. The Lab maintained about a 3-inch distance between his mouth and my right foot, and I was certain that I was going to be bitten and/or knocked off my bike. The next time your pets chase me, or if I witness them chase another cyclist or anyone on foot, I will be calling Covington Police to register an official complaint. Today wasn't fair to me or your pets that almost got hit in traffic. Please avoid another encounter by keeping your pets properly secured."

"To the person/persons with the comments from May 9; yes I know I'm a little late but, oh well; I would like to say that after reading your 'brief' comments, I do agree with some of what you are saying and some I don't know what you are talking about; i.e. CCC, can you explain for us transplants, yes I did come from another county, Clayton to be exact, and I will give you this, I feel the same way about Clayton County as you do here. I am assuming you grew up here; well I grew up in Clayton and 30 years ago it was just as you say that it was here. and yes I do miss it! My comments/disagreements come with the dealer tag issue. Yes, I am familiar with this incident and I did go look at the laws and regulations that you have somewhat quoted; only I have to tell you that what you refer to in the section that you quote is a 'Transporters Tag.' If you will sir/madam further read that code that you to refer to you will see that a 'Used Car Dealer' can use these Used Car Dealer tags on all cars in their inventory that are being demonstrated to a potential customer, to transport from one location to another, and for personal use by officers or employees of the business on vehicles owned by the business. Employees being those who work 36-plus hours per week. If you would please, you may read this in short at the Georgia Department of Revenue's Web site that being http://etax.dor.ga.gov or you may visit the Web site of the Georgia Independent Automotive Dealers Association Web site that being http://www.giada.org. And by the way, for those of you who think that a used auto dealer does not pay for tags, insurance and taxes; they do. The initial dealer tag is now going for $62 and $12 more for each additional dealer tag, taxes. Yes they are a taxpayer just as you and I, and insurance for their fleet /commercial insurance is about two times more than what we pay for individual insurance. So, wonder how I know this. Hmmm, an old revenuer!"

"Thank you SKC; 471,000 square feet of commercial space will give Newton County its first power center, which is badly needed. hope we finally get a Target now."

"After reading about the proposed SKC retail development, I refuse to get my hopes up about it. After all, neither the Brown Bridge Crossing nor the Neely Farms retail developments came to be. But nonetheless, I am still hopeful that Newton will finally get a major retail development. Then no one will have to ask me to shop locally."

"If Main Street Covington is going to sponsor religious activities, the city and county should not be funding Main Street!"

"I would like to comment on the eight that was fighting over a chair at Oak Hill Elementary School. I would like to tell them there is no cure for stupidity; at least they could stay at home."

"I think that it is sad that some of the county employees are going to lose their jobs, especially with the economy the way it is. It is also sad that the employees are not going to be paid for the holidays. Employees are having a hard time making ends meet if a holiday falls in that pay period. Are all the county employees going to be treated equally? I understand that some of the employees are paid salary and some are paid hourly rates. I really hope all employees will be treated the same when it comes to holiday pay."

"This message is directed to the city of Porterdale City Council. I would like when I pick up my phone and dial 911 I would like to hear them say Newton County 911 not please hold while I connect you to someone in Porterdale. Pay the bill and let the residents of Porterdale have Newton County 911 answer their calls. There is an election coming up and we could vote you all out."