Williamson Letter - 07/31/09

Although our new Rockdale County commissioners bash the policies and practices of the previous administration, they have now stepped up to the plate by being just as irresponsible. Good ol' boy politics is alive and well with the shenanigans Commissioner Oz Nesbitt and Chair Richard Oden pulled at (Tuesday's) BOC meeting.

After a contentious public debate against Roselyn Miller being appointed as the new finance director for our county, these clowns (Nesbitt and Oden) spent the night writing a brand new job description for the finance director's position that only required an associate's degree, not a bachelor's degree. The travesty of these actions is that another applicant, Linda Nabors, who had also applied for the job and had all the qualifications needed, was brushed aside for someone who is less qualified. I certainly wouldn't blame Ms. Nabors for pursuing legal action against the county for discrimination as this is about as clear-cut as it gets when going through the courts.

To top it off, Nesbitt and Oden then amended the agenda to include the new job description to be officially in place before they went on to the voting of Ms. Miller. With all the economic crisis we are supposed to be in as a county, it makes absolutely no sense to play favoritism over the true needs of the county. If our bondholders get wind of this, they can lower our bond rating or - even worse - call in their loans, bankrupting the county. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad if it gets these incompetents out of office. They have been duly elected to serve the residents of our county, not play politics with the taxpayers money.

Don Williamson