CPD charges 2 with gang activity

COVINGTON - The Covington Police Department has arrested two Conyers men connected to a shoplifting incident at CVS pharmacy and charged them with criminal gang activity, according to a CPD incident report.

Daliber Radovanovic, 18, of 2265 Kings Forest Drive, Conyers and Mark Ehrig, 17, of 2815 Club Forest Drive, Conyers were arrested Sunday around noon. Radovanovic was charged with driving without a license and criminal gang activity and Ehrig was charged with theft by shoplifting and criminal gang activity.

The manager of the CVS pharmacy at 4183 U.S. Highway 278 reported seeing Ehrig pass all points of check out with a concealed bottle of Robitussin cough syrup in his pocket. The cough syrup was valued at $5.99.

When officers arrived, they also questioned Radovanovic, who was sitting in the driver's seat of the suspect's car, the report states.

"I noticed in plain view two neatly folded bandannas," Officer Grant Satterfield stated in the incident report. "I then asked Mr. Radovanovic if, in fact, they were in a gang. Per Mr. Radovanovic's statement, the shoplifting suspect Mark Ehrig was a member of the Hoover Crips gang. He knew of three other members and that they were active in the Kirkland Road area."

CPD Detective D.J. Seals said this wasn't something commonly seen in this area, but in large cities gang members usually have some sort of initiation and that sometimes included a theft.

"One of them did admit to being in a gang. Crips' colors are in general blue, and these bandannas were blue which gives the statement some legitimacy," he said. "If you admit yourself and others to be in a criminal gang, that's against the law in the state of Georgia."

A blue bandanna was also found to be on Ehrig, the shoplifting suspect. Also, another new bottle of Robitussin cough syrup was found in the vehicle.

"Because both suspects were seen entering the store, I feel that Mark Ehrig was attempting to have Daliber Radovanovic initiated into his gang," the report states.