3 charged in home invasion

COVINGTON - Three arrests have been made in connection with a recent home invasion that took place at 6186 Green Acres Drive on June 27, according to the Covington Police Department.

Arrested and charged with armed robbery are: Antonio Heard, 20, of 151 Cobb Road; Rolundus Middleton, 24, of 3164 Fowler St.; and Michael Stanley, 22, of 6119 Pinedale Drive.

"This was a pretty violent thing," CPD Sgt. Mike Tinsley said. "I've got them on tape saying they were going to kill them (the

victims), but they were asleep and didn't have to fight them."

Tinsley said the couple who were victims of the home invasion told police officers that the men entered the residence through a bedroom window.

"They broke into the bedroom and laid in wait on them. They came in, but (the victims) fell asleep in the living room," Tinsley said. "They rushed them and pressed their heads into a cushion with the guns to the back of their heads."

The victims told officers they were watching TV in the living room when the men came in, a CPD incident report states. They could not identify them.

"(The victim) stated that the males were carrying black semi-automatic pistols and they put them to both of their heads. (The victim) stated one of the males ordered him to give him everything in his pockets and asked where the drugs were. (He) stated that one of the males held (the female victim) down on a sofa and the other searched the residence. He stated that he gave the male all the money he had in his pockets, approximately $1,500," according to the incident report.

The female victim said the man who held her down on sofa was wearing a white T-shirt and that he took her cell phone from her.

Tinsley said the victims could not see the suspects faces.

"It turned out the victims knew one of them well, but didn't know the other two," he said. "They couldn't identify any of them because their faces were pushed down in the sofa cushions."

A 9mm Luger bullet was found on the living room floor, along with two footprints, but it wasn't until Tinsley made an arrest in another incident that took place at 6285 Green Acres Drive that he was able to tie the suspects to the home invasion.

A man notified the CPD that while visiting his sister at her Green Acres Drive home on July 3, several teenage boys threw a beer bottle which went inside his car and struck him on the elbow, according to a CPD incident report.

The victim told the CPD when he exited his vehicle to confront the teens, one of them pulled a gun and fired three shots at his car. The shooter was later identified as Antonio Heard and he was arrested on charges of aggravated assault in connection with the bottle-throwing incident.

"I had already identified him as a possible suspect in the home invasion," Tinsley said, adding that when all the evidence came together, he found that Heard was, indeed, a suspect in the home invasion. From his arrest, he was able to tie the other two suspects to it, as well.

"When a crime like that happens in the middle of the night and they can't identify anybody, we don't have a lot of leads to start with," Criminal Investigation Division Capt. Craig Treadwell said. "But that doesn't mean we won't stick it out and develop the leads. That's the only way they can solve these cases - just by getting off their behind and going out and knocking on doors. It's good police work."

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