Hays honored with parkway naming, dedication

MANSFIELD - The late Lamar B. Hays was honored Thursday by family, friends and the Georgia Legislature with the dedication of a highway in his honor.

The portion of Ga. Highway 11 running through the city limits of Mansfield has been named Lamar B. Hays Memorial Parkway.

A dedication ceremony took place Thursday afternoon at Mansfield Community Center. Hays' widow and three daughters attended, along with about two dozen family members and friends.

State Sen. John Douglas, R-Social Circle, read a resolution passed by the General Assembly honoring Hays, who died in March.

"This distinguished Georgian gave inspiration to many through his high ideals, morals and deep concern for his fellow citizens and he possessed the vast wisdom which only comes through experience and the strength of character which is achieved through overcoming the many challenges of life," the resolution states.

Hays was "a person of magnanimous strengths with an unimpeachable reputation for integrity, intelligence, fairness and kindness and by the example he made of his life, he made this world a better place to live," it continues.

State Rep. Doug Holt, R-Social Circle, was also on hand, saying, "It's an honor to be able to recognize someone who meant so much to his community."

Hays was born in Newton County in 1936. He served on the Mansfield City Council for more than 25 years and was the fire chief for the Mansfield Volunteer Fire Department. He owned Hays Tractor and

Equipment Inc., a business that has been in the Hays family since 1951.

He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Carrie Henderson Hays, daughters Susan H. Boss, Sandra H. Johnson and Sheila H. Massey, and six grandchildren.

"It's a great honor to have this be dedicated to Lamar. I can just see him with a little grin and chuckle," Carrie Henderson Hays said.

Added daughter Sheila H. Massey, "His famous words would be, 'I don't mind telling you they named a highway after me.'"