Longbottom Letter - 07/15/09

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has quit her job, citing a "higher calling." In a Twitter update she said she was looking forward to joining her family as they commercially fish in Bristol Bay. There has, as yet, been no substantiation of a planned shore-side dinner of bread and fish. Some left-wingers have spread lies about a hiking vacation on the Appalachian Trail. One uber-Liberal claims to have overheard her question where she could learn to speak Argentinese.

Sen. John McCain didn't rule out a return to politics for his former running mate, saying he believes "she will continue to play an important leadership role in the Republican Party and our nation." He gave no other details.

Experts agree that there can be only one conclusion. The divine Sarah's "higher calling" is to become president of the USA. POTUS for short. Her sash and tiara are in production as we speak. Her flute performance will be based on the words from The Boxer by Paul Simon: "Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

Milt Longbottom