Teachers ask students to complete math packets

COVINGTON - Summertime isn't just a time for students to complete summer reading anymore. This year, some math teachers also want their students to attempt summer math packets.

"This year, for the first time, the middle and high school math teachers got together and created summer math packets," said Adria Griffin, middle school curriculum director at the Newton County School System. "The packets contain a combination of math learned during the 2008-09 school year and a preview of math to be learned during the 2009-10 school year."

NCSS teachers want rising sixth-, seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students to complete the math packet for their grade level before they return to school in the fall.

"Our intention behind the summer math is to keep you thinking and solving math problems," the teachers wrote on the math packets.

Depending on the grade level, questions include number problems like multiplication and rounding, algebraic equations, graphing and word problems, among others. Sixth- through eighth-grade packets are four pages long, while the ninth-grade packets are split into two sections with nearly 20 questions each, basic skills from previous grade-level math classes and characteristics of functions from eighth- and ninth-grade math classes.

Although it is not mandatory that the students complete the packets, the teachers are asking the students to show their work and turn in the packets during the first week of school to receive credit.

"While teachers aren't requiring the summer math packets to be completed this year, we hope the students will take advantage of the opportunity to practice their skills and get a head start on the next school year," Griffin said.

The packets are available on the NCSS Web site, www.newtoncountyschools.org, where students may download the packets and print them off to complete.

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SideBar: Sample questions

Sixth Grade

· Find the product: 689 x 7

· Round to the nearest hundredth: 145.1111

· Peter delivered 378 newspapers in three weeks. If Peter delivered the same number of newspapers each day, how many newspapers did he deliver each day?

Seventh Grade

· Multiply: -7 x -7

· Solve: 12 = m + 6

· There are 3,261 seats in the Sharp High School stadium. What is a reasonable number of rows in the stadium if each row holds about 35 people?

Eighth Grade

· Change the decimal to a percent: 2.001

· Use the order of operations to find the answer: 17-4(12-2x6)+3

· Solve: 2f-7=9

· A film developer charges $1.00 for each roll of film developed, plus $0.04 for each picture developed. What is the cost for developing a roll with 12 pictures?

Ninth Grade

· Determine if the relation is a function or not a function. Explain. x + y = 5

· Sara, Rez and Jonah want to let their friends know about a party after school. Each of them calls two people in three minutes, all of whom then contact two different people three minutes later and so on. What are the first four terms of the pattern of number of people called every three minutes?

· Company XYZ has started providing a month-to-month Internet service to its customers without having to sign a contract. They will charge clients $2 per megabyte, M, received or sent with an access fee of $10 per month. This monthly bill, B, can be modeled by what equation?

*Complete math packets are available on the NCSS Web site, www.newtoncountyschools.org.