What does it mean to be an American??

Moose Halley, Conyers

Owner of Kaiteur Coffee

"My folks (from Guyana, South America) chose this country. I believe that they chose the best country in the world to raise their children. It's the freedom to choose your path and be accountable for your actions ... The reason why I chose to live here and raise my kids is because I believe that their tomorrow is going to be better than mine was."

Rosa Fernandez, Conyers

Cake decorator at Publix on Sigman Road

"I came 33 years ago to the United States from Guatemala. I first lived in California for 13 years. I became a citizen six years ago, and I think that it is a wonderful thing. It feels good to be free."

Daniel William, Conyers

Employee of Kaiteur Coffee

"To be able to have opportunities, basically."

Sandy Fowler, Covington

Downtown Director for Porterdale

"It is my freedom. I have the privilege to live in a gorgeous country and to make decisions that will reflect onto the next generation. I am preserving the future and history of this town for future generations."

Jenny Watkins, Fowler's sister from Dallas, Ga.

"Just pride. I'm going to start crying now. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I have friends who are serving in the military and, you know, just pride. People, they don't realize what we have here."

Kim Harper, Porterdale

Owner of Tattersall's book store and coffee shop

"Oh goodness. It means that I'm able to do what I'm doing, be in business for myself, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to be who I want to be. Doesn't everyone want to own a coffee shop and a book store? It's the American dream."

Tres Thomas, Covington

Works for the city of Covington

"We're just the best country in the world and freedom's it - for right now."