Raynor Letter - 07/03/09

I'm glad that Mr. Huckaby has such a good deal on his health care plan (June 28, Don't go messing with the deal Huckaby's got). I'm sure it must be that he has an employer who provides many good benefits. There are many people who share his experience. But like Mama Clower to whom he compared himself, he is representative of a small slice of the pie.

Many of us even with good jobs have health plans that are shaky at best. Someone in our families get seriously sick, particularly the employee, and we are looking at financial ruin. This is worse in industries affected by the recession; employers looking to cut corners are scaling back the quality of health plans and making what they are offering more expensive. Those of us who have lost coverage due to layoffs only have COBRA, which is expensive even if we had a job. There are those like me who are unable to afford health insurance at all because of preexisting conditions.

Health care is rationed now, not formally, but by income, age, pre-existing conditions and quality of job benefits. Those of us for reform want to end that rationing, and the worry that goes with it, and have health care available for all.

James Raynor