Report reveals more details on shooting

COVINGTON - The Newton County Sheriff's Office made public Wednesday an incident report on the shooting Monday of three people at 45 Appia Way in south Newton County.

The report indicates a suspect by the name of Larry Grison, 29, of 2152 11th St., Lake Charles, La., was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. According to Lt. Tyrone Oliver, it is unknown at this time if the man had anything to do with the shootings.

"Deputies were checking people in the area and this man matched the description (of a suspect)," Oliver said. "He had marijuana on his person, but we're not sure right now if it's related to the actual shooting."

Oliver had stated earlier no drugs were found at the Appia Way residence following the shooting.

One man was killed and two other people were injured in the shooting which occurred about 9:45 a.m. Dead is 34-year-old Calvin Kentrell Banks of 45 Appia Way, where the incident occurred. An unidentified man and an unidentified teenage girl are both still recovering from their wounds.

According to the incident report, when deputies arrived at the scene they were met by a man in the driveway of the house who said three people had been shot.

The deputy who completed the incident report said he entered the house through the garage and found a female who had received a gunshot wound to the left shin.

"After entering the living room there was (sic.) two black men lying on the floor. The black man who was lying at the front door was conscious but was not responding. The other black man who was lying in the hallway next to the first bedroom was unconscious and was not breathing.

"A black female who was on location was administering CPR to the male subject who was in the hall. I checked the subject for a pulse but did not find one. I advised the female to continue CPR and that medics were on the way."

The report goes on to state that soon after emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, the deputy then "removed the three other subjects who were on location along with a young child to the exterior of the residence."

No information has been released on the status of the investigation and no arrests have been reported in connection with the shootings.

Oliver had said previously investigators were seeking at least one of the black men who was at the scene as "a person of interest" and it was unknown if he was involved in the shooting or left because he was frightened.

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