Board tables changes
BOE delays decision on suspension policy

COVINGTON - A proposed change to the Newton County School System's suspension policy won't come as soon as originally thought.

During its regular session meeting last week, the Newton County Board of Education tabled the changes that could give suspended students the chance to receive full credit for their work completed while serving their suspension.

In December, then-school board Chairman Almond Turner suggested that the board members consider changing the policy that prevents suspended students from earning more than a grade of a 70 for work during that time. He doesn't want the students to be penalized academically and only wants the suspension to be the punishment.

During its January work session, the board discussed the possibility of revising the policy to allow suspended students to receive full credit for their work as long as they complete it during the time period in which they are suspended.

Board member Eddie Johnson suggested they give students extra points since they are completing the work away from school, but board member Johnny Smith said he is concerned that by changing the policy it would send the wrong message to students who do what they are supposed to do.

At the regular session meeting last week, the board decided it was best that they continue thinking about the policy and hold more discussions rather than pass the changes right away, so it tabled the vote.

Turner said he was glad the proposal got the conversation started and hopes to pass the changes in the near future.

"We need to get more information for our discussion and then decide," he said Tuesday. "I have big concerns about (the current policy) and think it's unfair."

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