CPD: Pilot never made emergency landing

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Where's the emergency?

The Conyers Police and the Rockdale County Fire Department went on high alert recently when they were notified by a Hampton Inn employee that she had just received a call from a helicopter pilot requesting emergency landing clearance on the hotel's roof.

A CPD incident report states the employee said the caller told her that he needed to make an emergency landing due to low fuel and she should evacuate the hotel and the parking lot.

"She said she heard a noise in the background that she believed to be a helicopter," the report states. "Based on the callers voice, she felt he was in an anxious state due to the emergency."

Another employee spoke with the caller and he was told that the helicopter was at "5,000 feet and preparing to land."

The helicopter never made a landing at the hotel.

The CPD was advised that a Hampton Inn in North Carolina received a similar call, as did a location in Douglas County.

CPD officers checked with Covington Municipal Airport and the FAA, but no distressed helicopter was located.

Young love

The parents of a 14-year-old girl advised the Newton County Sheriff's Office that it was possible their young daughter had entertained a friend in her bedroom after they found her window open. They gave a description of the vehicle the caller had been driving and when a deputy passed a vehicle of that description, he stopped it.

He asked the young man driving the car for his license and was told, "I don't have one. Please, sir, let me go. I have never been in trouble before."

Upon checking, it was discovered the driver was only 15. He said he had been watching a movie with the 14-year-old girl.

The deputy told him to call his mother, but he said she was out of town. When he was told to contact whoever was responsible for him while the mother was away, he admitted his mother was at home in bed and was unaware he had taken the car.

He got a ticket and his mother had to get out of bed to come pick up her son and her car.

First place to look

A woman reported to the NCSO that a burglar stole $1,000 cash which was under her mattress. Also taken was more than $5,000 in jewelry.

Not a good plan

A woman told the Covington Police Department that she was inside the Chevron station on Alcovy Road when she saw a man get into her vehicle. As she was exiting the store, the man began driving off and she tried to stop him by standing in front of the moving car. He didn't stop and she had to jump out of the way. He got away with her car and her purse.

Mysterious wheelchair

A woman said someone had burglarized a home she had not lived in for several months, taking two air conditioners, a microwave, dishes, cookware, all her clothes, bed linen, a freezer and a battery-powered wheelchair.

She went on to tell officers she had spotted the wheelchair on another woman's front porch, but when she went to the house to speak with the woman about it, the chair had disappeared. She said the lady at that house said she didn't know where the chair had come from, but it had been sitting on her porch for about a week.

Following the complaint, the police contacted the woman whose porch had housed the wheelchair and she told them after the chair disappeared from her porch, she saw it on sitting on the side of the roadway on a nearby street. Sure enough, when the CPD checked, there it sat. The owner was notified to come pick up the chair.

Repentant shoplifter

A young man at Burlington Coat Factory in Conyers was seen on security surveillance putting a $12.99 baseball cap into a book bag without paying for it. An employee from the loss prevention department followed the young man out of the store and caught up with him on the sidewalk, walking back in the direction of Burlington Coat Factory. The youngster told police he was coming back to the store because he did not want to get in trouble and was actually going to return the hat when the loss prevention officer caught up with him.

They work quick

A woman reported to the NCSO that she left her home for about five minutes and when she returned her $700 laptop computer was missing.

· A Newton County High School student reported to the NCSO that she put her black and pink purse down on the sidewalk while waiting at the bus ramp and when she went to pick it up, it was gone. Lost were her iPod touch, a pink Nintendo DS with a game, a $10 wallet and a $200 pair of glasses.

· A man told the NCSO that he left his Yamaha four-wheeler loaded on a trailer parked in front of his garage ready to drive away the next day when he got home from work. Somebody else backed up to the trailer and drove away with it first. Trailer and four-wheeler were valued at more than $10,000.

Like old times

A woman suspects her ex-fiance may have been trying to delay her entering her home and discovering her $1,700 TV missing. She told the NCSO that the man contacted her at work and asked her to meet him so he could give her some money he owed her. She met him and he followed her home, but she couldn't get inside her house because she discovered her garage door opener was missing. The ex then admitted to her that he had taken it from her vehicle while she was at work. Since she didn't have any heat at her house, he then tried to get her to go to a motel with him and after much discussion, she went. She only stayed 30 minutes and then went back home and discovered the missing TV. There was no forced entry to the home.