Square parking now two hours

COVINGTON - The parking time limit on the Square was reduced to two hours at a special called meeting held by the Covington City Council on Tuesday.

The time limit affects parking on the outer ring and one block off the Square.

The move came just two weeks after the council agreed to extend parking limits in those areas to three hours.

Mayor Kim Carter said the matter needed to be revisited, requiring her to veto the ordinance passed by the council and then open up the floor for further discussion.

Main Street Director and Downtown Parking Authority adviser Josephine Kelly said on average, a vehicle occupies a parking space downtown for 45 minutes.

Allowing three-hour parking "would really create gridlock on the outer ring," she said.

Typically, downtown areas have a two-hour limit, she added.

In addition, it would cost about $3,200 to restripe the pavement in order to change the time limit.

The council unanimously agreed to reduce the time limit to two hours.

Vehicles parked on the inner ring of the Square are not affected, but will be held to a 12-hour limit to prevent overnight parking.

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