Two men stabbed in altercations

COVINGTON - Two brothers-in-law are facing aggravated assault charges after one was stabbed and the other struck with golf clubs during a family altercation, according to a Covington Police Department incident report.

Officer J.W. Blankenship stated in the report that he went to 8187 Woodland Ave. around 8:30 p.m. Friday in reference to a man stabbed.

When he arrived at the home, the wife of the man who was stabbed, later identified as Carl Abrams, 42, said he had left, but that her brother, who allegedly wielded the knife, was inside.

"As I entered the residence, I could see there was some sort of altercation from everything on the floor," the report stated.

He said he found a man sitting at the kitchen table, which had two bent golf clubs and a pocket knife on it.

The man identified himself as Kelvin Lamar Singleton, 44, and he told the officer he and his sister's husband got into an altercation after his brother-in-law accused him of not helping out around the house.

Singleton then alleged that after the verbal sparring started, he had his back to Abrams when he came up behind him and "put his arm around his neck from the back as if he were trying to choke him. Mr. Singleton then stated he could not remove Mr. Abrams' arm from around his neck so he reached into his right pocket and pulled out a pocket knife."

Singleton admitted to the officer that he then stabbed Abrams, who ran out of the kitchen and returned with two golf clubs, which he swung at Singleton's head, the report stated.

The report further states that Singleton said he was able to block the blows from the golf clubs and he held the knife up in front of Abrams' face, showing him he still had it. Abrams then left the residence.

"I've always told him that if he ever puts his hand on me I would kill him," Singleton allegedly told the officer.

His sister corroborated Singleton's story.

It was soon discovered that the man who was stabbed had sought medical aid at Newton Medical Center and he, too, confirmed that Singleton had stabbed him in the stomach and he had hit the man with the two golf clubs. He did not confirm that he had grabbed his brother-in-law in a choke hold from behind prior to his being stabbed.

Both Abrams and Singleton were charged with aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act.

In a separate incident, Officer C.M. Kitchens went to 7158 Durden Circle at 11:30 p.m. Sunday after 911 dispatchers reported a hang-up call coming from that location.

According to a CPD incident report, Kitchens said upon arrival at the location, he found a man standing in the front yard holding a bloody towel to his left shoulder. The man told Kitchens, "She cut me with a knife," and pointed to a woman standing in the front door talking on a cell phone who was later identified as Calion Tyler, 51.

The officer said Tyler appeared to be very drunk and mumbled when she talked and staggered to the extent that he had her sit down for her own safety.

The victim said another female was at the residence when the incident occurred, but quickly left "when Tyler cut him," the report stated.

The victim said Tyler came into the bedroom, yelling at him while he was lying in bed and "sliced at him with a steak knife from the kitchen." He said he then went into the kitchen and grabbed a rag to stop the bleeding and went outside to get away from Tyler, the report stated.

"Tyler kept saying she didn't like how (the victim) has a lot of women at his house" and the woman that was there previously was trying to hurt him, but she was trying to help him, according to the report.

The victim was transported to Newton Medical Center by his brother for treatment, while Tyler was arrested for aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act.

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