Downtown parking extended
City Council increases time limit to 3 hours

COVINGTON - The Covington City Council agreed Monday night to extend the parking time limit for the downtown to three hours, excluding the inner ring of the Square.

A two-hour limit on parking has been in place on the Square for some time, but an ordinance stating the limit was never drafted, according to a member of the Downtown Parking Authority.

The time limit was not, however, enforced on the inner ring of the Square, something the Parking Authority voted to change in hopes of giving customers more available spaces and keeping traffic flowing freely.

At a first reading of the ordinance in December, the council agreed the inner ring should have a time limit, but after hearing from three downtown businessmen Monday night, it reversed its decision.

Attorney Jim Alexander said with the time limit applying to spaces one block off the Square, if the inner ring is excluded, employees would be forced to walk as far as two blocks to work.

"There is literally no place to put a car if you go two blocks off the Square unless you go into a residential community," he said.

"In practicality, you're going to create a chess game of people moving their cars every two hours," he added. "Please give us a place to park at least within walking distance of where we work."

Stuart Hamilton with Edward Jones Investments and Pete Carter of Carter and Associates PC also asked that the inner ring be excluded from enforcement.

Carter said his clients often need longer than two hours to complete their business and asked for the extension to three hours.

The council agreed to the extension, with the inner ring excluded.

Vehicles will not be allowed to stay longer than 12 hours anywhere in the downtown district to prevent overnight parking.

Crystal Tatum can be reached at crystal.tatum@newtoncitizen.com.