Letter - Gresham responds to proposed legislation

To the editor:

Because both of our local newspapers printed articles about me on your Friday, Jan. 2, front pages about what (state) Sen. John Douglas (R-Social Circle) was going to do concerning sex offenders running for school board seats in Newton County, my first question to your readers is, 'Has John Douglas ever done anything in office except talk about sex?'

Here are some cold, hard facts: People that just talk about sex while in public office get voted out.

One year ago, John Douglas and the school board member for District 2 of Newton County popped off at the mouth about me running for the school board seat, and it was printed in both local newspapers what the two had said.

Citizens are tired of reading about sex in the newspapers just about every day.

The school board member was voted out of office. Douglas was also voted out by the citizens of Newton County, but he got enough votes in other counties to keep him in office. The hand writing is on the wall for Mr. Douglas.

So, since he is all for letting citizens of our state run for office after their conviction time has been completed, including the 10-year wait time - but just not on the school board - and the citizens of our county are unhappy with his services, and because his term is only good for two years, I have just about decided ... to run against him for our state Senate seat in two years.

So, my question to all your readers is, be truthful and tell the truth, has Douglas done anything while in office except run at the mouth about sex offenders?

I do ask your readers to read the full short story about me concerning the sex conviction, with one boy, that I pleaded guilty to. It is a short, short story of my life that includes 30 real, real short chapters. Chapter One and Chapter 29 are the most important.

The Web site is "Don's thoughts for today," http://donthoughtsoftheday.blogspot.com.

Yours truly,

Don Gresham