Newton Citizen Poll 1/3/2009

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. This week's poll was an open line.

"To all of the small business owners who want to succeed, the main thing you should do is sell what people want and at a reasonable price. People want to shop your stores but can't afford to with this messed up economy we have. Sam Walton started with one store and grew it into the world's largest retailer with low prices and by selling necessity items, because when money's tight, you only buy necessities."

"I knew it was coming, just didn't expect it so soon. I had my first encounter with a golf cart. Yup! A few nights ago on Floyd Street, traveling from the Square to Highway 278. Kind of ran upon it just below the funeral home and to be honest, almost ran over the thing. The taillights were about the size of half dollars, barely visible and I think they were using flashlights for headlights. Instead of driving over close to the curb, the driver was hugging the centerline. Needless to say, a 2-minute trip turned into a 10-minute delay. It won't be long, just a matter of time, before there's a serious accident involving a golf cart. But as an added precaution, maybe strobes and reflective triangles similar to the ones used on slow moving vehicles such as tractors and buses should be added to the tops of golf carts. That may prevent that accident that's just waiting to happen."

"The Bear Creek Reservoir has reared its ugly head again. The county is taking someone's land for a project that's not needed when other resources are available. And the fact of the matter is, water will be pumped from the Alcovy River just to keep it filled. Amazing. Instead of building a new water hole, why not increase production capacity at the existing reservoir and tap other readily available resources in the county. Guess that makes too much sense, doesn't it? Maybe it should be the law that before any politician can vote to take the property of an American citizen, the politician should be required to surrender an equal amount of private property themselves."

"Why was the Probate Court closed on Friday, Dec. 26? It was not a holiday? My son took the day off from work and was hoping to apply for this gun license. Since the office was closed, he now has to take another day off from work to apply. Thanks, Newton County!"

"To the anonymous gentleman shopper at Wal-Mart on Fri., Dec. 19, who gave our special needs children money to buy Christmas presents: Thank you and bless you! What a story to share with our co-workers at Middle Ridge Elementary School and with our families and friends. Sir, bless you again and may you have a healthy, prosperous New Year. Not only did you touch our children's lives, but ours as well."

"With all the questions and comments about the failed Bear Creek reservoir project and the failed JIDA Industrial Park in your comments sections, I sent a detailed, comprehensive, historical documented account of these two taxpayer disasters to the Newton Citizen several weeks ago. They decided not to print the facts for all to see. It's no wonder competition from the other publisher in town has the Citizen on the ropes! I guess I won't be wasting my time sending comments to the Newton Citizen in the future."

Editor's note: The Bear Creek Reservoir and Joint Industrial Development Authority industrial park are not documented as "failed" projects, as you opine. What one person views as "facts" cannot always be verified as such.

"I am very disturbed by the restaurant ratings throughout Newton and Rockdale counties. I really appreciate the newspaper getting these ratings out for all to see. It has really affected the way that I choose my dining establishments. There is one thing that really troubles me and a question that I have. I have noticed some restaurants with very low scores (30s, 50s) that remained open. How low does your score have to be to warrant closing until the health issues are resolved? One restaurant with a low score did close for awhile, but it was on it's own accord and I applaud them for doing so. I have a real problem with a department that gives a very dangerous '36' health score and walks out of the restaurant leaving customers in line to order and eat food that may have been contaminated by violations that he/she just witnessed and wrote on their evaluation. As a diner, I would like to feel safe when I go to eat, and I pay taxes for a department to assure that that happens. I feel that the restaurant scores should be treated somewhat like school grades. In other words, you score below a certain score, say 70, you fail and are closed until you can prove that you are worthy of having the ability to serve food in my county. As far as you, restaurants, shame, shame! If you have employees that put you and your customers in dangerous positions, let them go! I promise that, in today's economy, you can find persons who will be willing to go the 'extra mile' to ensure that you and your customers remain safe. ... "

Editor's note: The East Metro Health District typically shuts down establishments if they receive two consecutive unsatisfactory scores or if an immediate health hazard is discovered.

"I have a comment for Mr. Chambers of the Porterdale City Council candidate and of Mr. Grimes of the Porterdale City Council candidate. I am considering thinking about running for City Council as well, and I am thinking about giving my paycheck each week to the city of Porterdale to help them out with the light bills and water bills for the city. Would y'all be considering doing the same thing? That is kinda like giving up your pay for nothing like working for free for the city of Porterdale. Would you do it?"

Editor's note: According to the city of Porterdale, city council members are paid $500 annually - $250 at mid-year and $250 in December.

"Let me tell you about the dark side of this city and county. Corrupt in so many aspects. I was once a proud citizen but until recently I had no idea of the covert activity that takes place here. Real crime is rampant and pleas for help from a parent trying to save her adolescent son from a female pedophile go unanswered. Do we have an active police chief or sheriff or are we in limbo? No pride, no respect and even with all its growth it is still a good old boy community. If you get into a difficult situation it is not what you know but who you know that makes the grass get greener. And speaking of green around these parts, money talks. I hope and pray the ones who need to read this have their eyes glued to this paper. You know who you are and know what you have - or should that be what you haven't - done. Shame on you Covington and Newton County. Let me hasten to say there is some wonderful caring people in this city and county, so please stand up and find someone who can restore law and order and sanity."

"Folks, you better give up on the idea of getting an indoor pool or anything else in this county that doesn't involve baseball, basketball or football. Any monies required to build a pool would, most likely, have to come out of the budget needed to re-sod City Pond or Turner Lake Fields again. Or maybe a new scoreboard, or new sidewalks. Plus, how would you charge $125 a season for pool use and on top of all that, swimming doesn't require enough equipment to be bought or pictures to be taken granting certain kickbacks off of the profit. And where would you put a concession stand with very high prices? Too many things to consider, I guess. But hey, if you squint, those new blue tennis courts at City Pond do kinda look like a pool."

"I just read the article where a parent is complaining because her child cannot wear an Obama shirt to school. Good for the school system. The reason I say this is because when my child was in middle school and wore a shirt that had to do with the South and the heritage of the Civil War, we were told the same thing. Now mind you, the shirt had nothing to do with race or slavery, but it was the fact that it was a shirt with the Confederate flag on it. But when the shoe is on the other foot then it is an issue. I congratulate the Board of Education for standing up to this. It should be the same now - No Obama shirts allowed either."

"In regards to the recent newspaper article about the parent fighting the board over her child not being able to wear an Obama T-shirt. Well, I support the school's decision. If my daughter cannot wear a T-shirt that has Dixie Outfitters, why should your child be given special privileges because of an election? I'm really tired of hearing this is part of black history and should be celebrated. Fact remains, a man was elected president, he is not black nor white. Not everyone shares your ideas and some students will be offended, or at least that's what I was told by the board when I asked about the Dixie Outfitters shirts. I gave it more thought and have seen all sides, which convinced me the school was in fact making the best decision in order to protect our children. You should think of others and not how you can put an Obama T-shirt on your child, after instructed not to, only to get a public response from the school. These rules are in the handbook and clearly written. Due to the people you are contacting, you make this out to be more of a racist issue ... when in fact it's nothing more than you and I following the school board's rules on dress code."

"I am completely in shock regarding your issue about the Obama shirt. Lady, rules are rules. You need to abide by them or homeschool your children where you can make your own rules. There is a time and place for politics, religion, etc. However, yes, let your child be a part of history but have respect for your fellow classmates, neighbors and friends. That is your job and not the school system's. However, if an exception is granted for this lady, then you have to make an exception for all other students. Then you have opened the flood gates to trouble. You will then have kids wearing not only Obama/Biden attire but McCain/Palin as well and you cannot tell me that you do not see potential problems. As we all know, this is a very sensitive topic and a very sensitive election. However, your children do not believe in Obama because they truly believe that he is the man for the job but they promote Obama because this is what you instill in their minds. This will pose future unnecessary issues and distraction to all students. Our children go to school to learn, not to discuss political debates."

"Articles about the Capes drunk and disorderly (incident) is yet another embarrassment to our community. ... with a yard strewn with beer cans everyone is thinking 'What a wonderful example for the youth of our community to have our new juvenile judge's (family) involved in this foray.' Her mother was arrested. Her sister was arrested. Her husband was arrested. Her brother-in-law was arrested. ... The Newton Superior Court judges who made this fatal error ... need to remediate their stupidity before it gets even worse."

"Quick, someone send the Grammar Police to arrest our new sheriff! Newton County Sheriff's Office Covington GA, or http://www.newtonsheriffga.org/ Our goal is to be recognized by the people we serve as a professional organization dedicated to customer service and committed to improving the quality of life in our community. Together, our staff and I will work to make our goal a reality."