Family fight ends with four arrests
Police use Tasers in domestic incident

COVINGTON - Covington Police Department officers were summoned to what they described as a "family fight" at 7121 Crestview Drive on Sunday about 10 p.m., and the resulting melee compelled them to arrest four members of the family.

Those involved in the fracas were the husband, mother, sister and brother-in-law of newly appointed Juvenile Court Judge Sheri Capes Roberts, who was not involved in the incident, according to police.

According to a CPD incident report, officers arrived to find "beer cans strewn around the front yard." No one answered the knocking at the front door, but officers said they saw Matthew Hill Roberts, 30, of 7200 Charter On Flat Rock exit through the garage door and observed him to be "very intoxicated." He admitted to officers that there had been a verbal altercation between him and his brother and sister-in-law, but said "everything is fine."

Officers said minutes later a woman exited the residence holding a telephone, and when officers attempted to ask her what had happened, she ignored them and continued talking on the telephone. "While speaking with the female, I noticed Mr. Roberts signaled something to the female, seemingly telling her not to say anything," the report states.

Officers asked the woman, later identified as GiGi Cruikshank, 44, to go inside the residence so they could speak with her further, but the report indicates she was reluctant to answer questions.

In the meantime, the report states, Roberts began to use "foul language and refused to cooperate with officers' orders." When officers attempted to handcuff him, the report states he became "combative, by flailing ... his hands and continued to use foul language." He was eventually escorted out and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle.

Officers persisted in speaking with Mrs. Cruikshank, but she refused to tell them where her husband was. Another officer began searching the house and found James Kevin Cruikshank, 43, in a back room. The report described his behavior as "very aggressive and combative."

When officers attempted to arrest Cruikshank, he became more irate and began fighting, requiring them to use a Taser on him, as well as using physical blows before placing him in handcuffs. While they were attempting to handcuff him, the man's wife tried to intervene, and despite repeated warnings, she persisted and was placed under arrest, as well.

Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene to examine Cruikshank after the Tasing, and he was removed from the patrol unit for that purpose. After the medical check, he refused to get back into the vehicle and was Tased once more.

Meantime, a woman identified as Peggy Capes, 65, of 7200 Charter Flatrock, according to jail records, arrived on the scene and according to the report, "exited her vehicle and approached officers in an aggressive manner. She was redirected several times to return to her vehicle, however, she refused. Furthermore, officers could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverages on Ms. Capes' person. As a result, she was placed under arrest and charged with public drunk."

GiGi Lynn Cruishank was charged with obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers and disorderly conduct; her husband, James Kevin Cruikshank, was charged with battery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers and disorderly conduct. Roberts was charged with obstruction or hindering a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.