'Halloween' comes to town

Staff Photo: Sue Ann Kuhn-Smith Covington resident Henry Cofer helps build a set for the horror movie "H2: Halloween 2," which will be filming in and around Covington through early April. Cofer has been doing carpentry work for 37 years, but this is his first job on a movie set. In addition to these festive/spooky props, pumpkins will be brought in from California to create a pumpkin patch on the Square, and Teacher's Toolbox will be converted into a Halloween store for the movie, described by Location Manager Mike Neale as a "re-imagining" of the classic horror film series "Halloween." Rocker Rob Zombie, who gained fame as the frontman of the band White Zombie, is the writer/director. Other locations will include Floyd Street, Thompson Avenue, Conyers Street, Newborn and Alcovy High School. The movie stars Malcolm McDowell, Taylor Scout-Compton as heroine Laurie Strode and Tyler Mane as Michael Myers.