Few details on ministry investigation

COVINGTON - The FBI has confirmed that a search warrant was served at the offices of Angel Food Ministries in Good Hope on Wednesday, but will give no further details, according to Special Agent Steve Lazarus.

Lazarus added that the FBI would neither confirm nor deny that any arrests were made in conjunction with the search of the food charity.

The nonprofit, which takes in an estimated $100 million a year distributing food through churches in 38 states, including churches in the Rockdale-Newton area, is run by a minister named Joe Wingo and his wife, Linda. They started it in 1994, selling food at discounts and using a network of churches to sell it for just enough to keep the organization running.

According to media reports, Internal Revenue Service documents show that Angel Food Ministries paid salaries of more than $2 million to the Wingos and two of their sons in 2006.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.